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Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

VENDOR: Arizer

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Who Should Buy Arizer Air 2?

If you're looking for an entry point into the vape scene that won't become obsolete after a few months of use, then the Arizer Air 2 is essential. This vaporizer is the perfect introduction to the world of portable vapes. I

t is easy to use, reliable and offers great hits. However, it also has a huge range of versatility, allowing users to enjoy a massive range of temperature options and vape experiences. It 

Why You’ll Love The Arizer Air 2?

This is an incredibly versatile vaporizer that brings a lot of the features of premium vaporizers into a much more affordable price range. It has the user-friendliness of a beginner dry herb vape while also having the incredible versatility of a high-end device. The swappable battery also makes it a fantastic vape for those who like to use their vapes when they're out and about. 

How To Use The Arizer Air 2?

1. How To Operate The Arizer Air 2?

The first thing you should do with the Air 2, and indeed any new vape, is to put it through a test heat cycle. This will burn off any leftover solvents from the construction process. 

To load it, take the stem out of the Air 2, and simply scoop up your herb with it. Gently tap it down and close the stem before replacing it. 

Activate the device, and give it around 90 seconds to reach vaping temperature. 

2. How To Get the Best Vapor Quality?

Generally, you want to work with a medium grind for the best results from the most portable vapes. However, the Air 2 can handle a much coarser grind than most. This coarse grind also allows more air to flow through the chamber, letting you take powerful rips from the Air 2!

3. How To Clean It?

This is an incredibly easy vaporizer to clean, but you need to ensure that you clean it frequently. Make sure you empty the vape out after every use and give it a quick wipe down with a soft brush. For a deeper clean, use some isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip to gently break up any stubborn grime. If you do this, make sure you put the device through a test heating cycle to burn away any residual alcohol.

Top 5 Arizer Air 2 Features

arizer air 2

1. Hybrid Heating

The Arizer Air 2 was among the first wave of portable vaporizers that brought hybrid heating to the mid-price point vaporizers. Before, this type of heating was more or less the purview of premium, luxury vapes. Hybrid heating is a blend of conduction and convection heating, that is to say, your herb is heated directly as well as baked by the hot air surrounding it.

This leads to a denser, more potent vapor. It is also the most efficient way to heat herbs, guaranteeing that none of it goes to waste. You can enjoy a full, potent, and consistent session without any waste or having to open up the device to stir halfway through. 

2. Great Airflow

One issue that dogs a lot of portable vapes is their over-restrictive airflow. This can serve as a bit of culture shock for those switching from other forms of consumption, or even totally herb beginners.

A common complaint is that some users feel that they aren't getting the same hit as they would from another vape. Generally, this is because of the limitations of vape design. 

Electronic heating elements take time to reach vaping temperatures, and a lot of airflows can wick all of this heat away! The Air 2, however, thanks to its more powerful heating element and innovative heat jets, means that it can have a more wide-open airpath that delivers smoother, easier to enjoy hits. 

3. Full Temperature Control 

Many portable vapes, due to the various restrictions that their design demands have vastly simplified temperature control systems. This is generally fine for casual vapers, you just need to figure out which of the pre-sets suits you and stick with it.

However, over time, you may find that you want a little bit more control. This generally is when you have to retire your trusty beginner vape and spring for a newer, more expensive one. 

The Air 2, features a full, precise temperature control system and an easy-to-read led display. This means that if you pick it up as a beginner vape, with a little experience you'll find that it is more than capable of serving as an intermediate, and even veteran vape. This is a future-proof vaporizer. 

4. Swappable Batteries

This feature is sadly becoming rarer and rarer, not just in vapes but in all consumer electronics! A swappable battery is an incredible feature. It allows you to increase the range of your vape, allowing you to swap out the battery when it runs down. This is perfect for when you expect to be out and about for an extended period and it allows you to keep using your vape without access to a charging point.

It also extends the overall life of your vape. Over time, rechargeable batteries lose their capacity. So, an alternative is to swap out your battery and enjoy a vape that's practically as good as new again!

5. Super Portable

This is an incredibly portable and sturdy little vape. Its cylindrical shape is perfectly pocket-sized, making it ideal as an everyday carry. It even comes with a belt clip if you really want to make sure you have a secure place to carry it. The belt pouch also has space for extra stems too. The glass stem is the only truly vulnerable part of the device, and care should be taken when carrying it about. 

Is the Arizer Air 2 worth It? 

The Arizer Air 2 vaporizer should be on everyone's list when they're considering beginner vapes. Sure, it's a bit more expensive than many of the most basic beginner vapes, but if you think that you'll be spending any time in the vape scene, it is more than worth it. It will allow you to seamlessly transition from starter vape experiences to something more advanced. 

While the main body of the device is perfectly portable, the glass aroma tubes are a weakness, so you'd want to be sure to avoid putting them under any stress. Finally, if you want to get the very most out of the swappable battery feature, you will need to shell out for a spare battery or two. This can add to the overall cost and is strongly dependent on your personal preference.

Compare with similar products

Solo 2

A contemporary of the Air 2 is its cousin, the Arizer Solo 2. Like the air it is a portable vape that is simple and user-friendly. It uses conduction heating to deliver fantastic, efficient, and potent vapor. The Solo 2 is designed from the ground up to put as few barriers between you and your vape experience as possible.

It is a rough and ready device that anyone will be able to get the very most out of quickly and easily. It has a higher emphasis on flavor and has a stainless steel oven that offers great heating and an untainted taste.

If you want, you can pack the aroma tubes with a herbal blend like lavender or lemongrass to give your hits a little kick. If you want a vaporizer that is easier to use, and that gives you a more flavorful experience, then consider the Solo 2 as an alternative to the Air.

What’s included:

  • Arizer Air 2
  • 18650 Battery
  • USB Charger
  • 70mm Glass Stem
  • 70mm Glass Stem w/ Tip
  • Silicone Stem Caps
  • Stirring Tool
  • Screens
  • Belt-Clip Carrying Case
  • Owner's Manual
  • Glass DIsh

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity


Temperature range

122° F - 428° F

Charging time

2 Hours

Battery length

1 Hour


4.88" height x 1.13" Diameter 

Heating system



2 Year Warranty

1 Year on battery

5 Most Important Questions About The Arizer Air 2

Q1: Does The Arizer Air 2 Have Any Accessories?

The Arizer Air 2 has a huge range of aftermarket accessories that can repair and augment your vaping experience. These include replacement glass air paths, aroma tubes, and even water tool adapters that allow you to use it with a bong for added cooling. There are even other products from the wider Arizer range, like the Arizer stirring tool, that is totally compatible with the Air 2.

Q2: Can The Arizer Air 2 Use Concentrates?

The Arizer Air 2 is specifically designed to work with dry herbs and botanicals. It, sadly, has no dual-use features and can't be used with any concentrates. 

Q3: How Long Does The Arizer Air 2's Bowl Last?

On a moderate heat setting, you can expect to enjoy around 10 to 15 minutes of continuous use from a single bowl. If you want to go longer, then you'll need to repack your chamber!

Q4: Does The Arizer Air 2 Smell?

Dry herb does have a natural, and distinctive smell and this means that your vapor will smell too. However, vapor dissipates far faster than smoke and doesn't adhere to surfaces in the same way. So, the smell won't linger!

Q5: Can The Arizer Air 2 Be Used While Charging?

The Air 2 features pass-through charging that allows you to continue to use it as it recharges. However, it can't do this with a completely drained battery, instead, you'll have to charge it for around 15 minutes before activation. 

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

Carbon Black
Mystic Blue