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Stok Vaporizer - Stok R Series Vaporizer Kit |

Stok produce compact and portable vape pens that really rip. This vaporizer pen offers a great vape experience while maintaining a sleek, stylish, and subtle design. Stok concentrate on creating the finest oil and concentrate vaporizer pens that money can buy. Their units tend to be highly compact ( you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for an actual pen) yet still manage to pack in a whole host of fantastic and innovative features. Stok offer their users heavy dab-like hits from stylish, compact, pen-like vaporizers. Their carefully engineered and calibrated atomizer coil heating system is intended to create a powerful hit while ensuring a smooth tasty vapor. Their flagship product, the R Series Vaporizer kit. This compact, portable vape creates high quality vapor with an innovative parallel heating coil that offers more than enough power for any user’s needs. Vape pens are ideal for vaporizer fans who value portability above all other features. Their compact units can fit easily into any trouser pocket or handbag for easy and convenient transportation. Stok vape pens have powerful yet simple systems that allow them to have very long and reliable battery life for their compact size. Vape pens use much smaller amounts of concentrates and dry herb and are intended for short quick sessions hits rather than prolonged use. Pen style vapes are an evolution on the engineering that led to the e-cigarette. They use a specially adapted atomizer to heat the inserted concentrate or herb quickly. This is why you can enjoy enjoy smooth, clean vapor from such a small unit. Often vaporizer pens use dab concentrates as opposed to dry herb. This is because dab material has a concentration of THC many times higher than the equivalent amount of dry herb would hold. Plant concentrates are manufactured in a process where dry herb is processed with a chemical solvent, most commonly butane, to force out and concentrate its psychoactive ingredients. After this process is completed the solvent is sifted off in a vacuum pump and the concentrate transforms into one of several forms. Butane Hash Oil is the most widely available and weakest form of concentrate, vape pens often use BHO as it is the easiest of all dab materials to vaporize with an atomizer. Wax is the next most potent type of concentrate and generally has a texture ranging from honey-like and sticky, to taky and waxy; some vaporizer pens can utilize waxes. The most potent concentrate is the most processed and the most solid. It is called shatter, this material gets its name from its fragile, glass-like texture. Dabs are many times more powerful than herb, this is the reason that they are particularly suited for medicinal use. If a user were to use dry herb they would have to subject their lungs to a considerable amount of harsh smoke to take a similar level of THC that they would get from one or two hits of concentrate. This means that those using concentrate for medicinal purposes can enjoy the anti sickness, pain suppressing, and appetite increasing properties of concentrate quickly. A point of caution; on the other hand herb enthusiast should be careful when it comes to the strength of concentrates as they can hit even seasoned users hard. Stok offer a great range of high quality and affordable vaporizer pens. For a broader range of vaporizers and vaporizer pens for both concentrate and dry herbs check out our web store.