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Talent Glassworks - Captivating Glass Pipes |

Talent Glassworks produce some of the most striking and beautiful glass pipes on the market. Their products are beautiful and striking and offer unparalleled quality and a fantastic herb experience. Each Talent Glassworks workspipe is made to the highest standards of quality by master glass workers. They are set apart by the intricate and stunning patterns worked into their glass. The most popular pipe shape they produce is the ‘spoon pipe’, an easy to use and portable pipe that would make a fine addition to any herb aficionado's collection.

Talent Glassworks spoon pipes feature a carb hole, which will allow you to influence the power of your hit by covering it with your finger and affecting the airflow within. Their range of spoon pipes come in a wild range of hypnotic and striking patterns expertly worked into them during the glassblowing process. The spoon pipe with cane detailing and colored accents is a festive and psychedelic piece for the magpies among you. Talent Glassworks’ range of Spoon Pipes with single color accents are just as impressive. For those of you who prefer something a bit less abstract there’s the Dichro Image Spoon pipes which feature images of skulls and spiders formed directly into the glass.

For those of you who prefer something a bit more.. Elementary, Talent Glassworks have a stunning range of ‘Sherlock pipes’. Based off the Iconic pipe of the Victorian serial detective the Sherlock pipe has a distinctive and elegant curved shape. Like all Talent Glassworks products it has a series of stunning and intricate patterns formed into the glass. The Sherlock Wig Woo pipe and the reticello Sherlock pipe are striking and classy pipes that, while less portable than the spoon pipe range, offer a clean and intense herb smoking experience. Finally for something truly striking check out the Dichro Sherlock pipe, a pipe with a captivating dichro layer built into it.

All of Talent Glassworks’ beautiful pipes are made from high-quality borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is blended with silica and boron during the glass forming process. Borosilicate glass is renown for having a high tolerance for thermal shock, far higher than any other form of glass. This is what makes it for constructing pipes out of, as pipes are frequently exposed to high temperatures very suddenly during use. A weaker type of glass would degrade and crack if treated like this. The glass is created by combining melting boric oxide, silica sand, soda ash, and alumina together. This requires exceedingly high temperatures since borosilicate glass has a much higher melting point than ordinary silicate glasses. This is why it was only discovered in the 19th century, before that the industrial processes necessary for producing it did not exist.

Today a whole range of products and objects are made from borosilicate glass, from kitchen beakers and graduated jugs, to catering dishes and pots, to other cooking utensils. Borosilicate glass is widely used in laboratory settings where its non-reactive qualities and its resistance to thermal shock make it indispensable.

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