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Trippy Stix Portable vapes, pens and dabbing tools

Trippy Stix is a range of portable vaporizers and vape pens with their roots firmly in the field of modern counter culture. The collection includes herbal vaporizers, wax pens and a range of themed products and collaborations with sports teams and fashion labels such as the San Francisco 49ers and iconic clothing brand, Cookies.

Trippy Stix are an innovative and focused team who have engineered, pioneered, and persevered to bring high quality innovative products to the vaporizer community. They created the world’s first ‘no cartridge’ vaporizer. After several years Trippy Stix are still at the forefront of creating and innovating the most stylish, functional and discreet vaporizers on the market. Trippy Stix are highly committed to their core values of pulling out all the stops when it comes to providing the best possible vaporizing experience. This commitment is build upon the keystones of commitment to excellence in design and functionality and seeking to provide the best customer satisfaction possible.

They are constantly seeking to improve their products in all possible areas by constantly monitoring customer feedback and the state of the vaporizer scene. As a market leader in the optimisation of vaporizer experience and functionality Pure Epic has continued to push the boundaries of the vaping scene. They have taken part in numerous collaborations with massive recording artists including, Juicy J, Pall Wall, 2 Chainz, Devin the Dude, Gunplay, Jadakiss, Styles P, and DJ Drama. Trippy have received dozens of awards and accolades and are unlikely to lose their standing in the vaporizer industry any time soon.

Concentrate vaporizers allow dab fans to enjoy their oil, wax, or shatter without an elaborate dab rig. Trippy Stix supply a range of compact pen vaporizers that will let you enjoy your concentrates when you’re out and about. Their Portable Vaporizer Pen Gold Tri-Colour is a complete starter kit for anyone interested in entering the world of concentrate vaporizer pen. Concentrate vaporizers use dabbing concentrate, a type of hyper-pure herb extract. Concentrate is created through a process that uses a solvent, usually butane, to draw the active ingredients out of herb. Once it has been drawn off the solvent/concentrate mix is processed in a vacuum oven that boils off the majority of the butane solvent. After this is done you are left with one of three results depending on purity. Oil, or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is the least pure of the three concentrates, it has a viscous runny density. Wax is the second most pure of the three, it has a sticky crumbly texture. Finally there is shatter, the most potent and pure of the three concentrates; it has a brittle hard candy like texture, hence the name!

All three varieties of concentrates are several times stronger than the equivalent mass in dry herb. A single concentrate hit will have the same amount of THC as several joints. This makes it particularly useful to those seeking to use it for medicinal purposes because it is much faster acting and it spares the user's lungs four joints worth of acrid smoke. THC has nausea suppressing characteristics as well as pain killing and appetite stimulating effects, hence its wide array of medicinal uses.

When handling concentrate it’s important that you use the appropriate tools. Dabbing concentrates have a range of textures, all of which are sticky, so unless you want your hands coated in glue-like THC you’re going to want to use some dabbing tools. The Titanium Trippy Tools Dabber Kit is a selection of specialized and efficient tools that will let you handle your herb expertly and efficiently!

For a large selection of portable vaporizers compatible with dry herb and concentrate check out our online head shop!