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Vaporizer Pens have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity as reformed smokers look for easier and healthier ways to enjoy the flavors and active ingredients of herbal smoking blends while on the go. This range of compact and discreet herbal vaporizers includes oil vaporizers, dry vaporizers and versatile vape pens suitable for use with both concentrates and oils as well as conventional dry herbal blends. Although pen vapes come in different sizes and designs, they are all purpose made for portability and discretion - most pen vaporizers can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse when not in use.

We carry a broad range of vaporizer pens at a variety of prices and that use a variety of materials; from dry herb to wax concentrate. We stock oil and e-liquid vaporizers like the Ole Vape from Atmos that uses a unique filtration system for full bodied vapor. The Hypnos Wax Vaporizer from Linx is a high quality vape that offers great vaporization and has a sleek, stylish aluminium body. A step up from the Hypnos is the Hypnos Zero from Linx it is the premium version of the Hypnos that has a particular focus on discreteness and subtlety. The Illa-Pen Wax Vaporizer is the first pen vape produced by Illadelph, the american glass masters, it offers an incredibly clean and pure hit.


Vaporizer pens are eminently portable and discreet, perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy them when out and about. For the most part they are little larger than an e-cigarette and are virtually identical. Unlike blunts, pipes, and bongs vaporizer pens don't spew out acrid clouds of lingering, smell smoke; they emit a quick-dispersing puff of vapor. While not totally odorless, it dissipates very quickly, this makes it perfect for quick hits. Best of all the vapor won’t leave a lingering smell in your hair and clothes, they won’t taint everything you own with the smell of herb. Thanks to their small size you can store pens in your pocket or bag easily, they won’t weigh you down at all!

Vaporizer pens all work off of battery power, and the high quality batteries typically found in this kind of vaporizer are long lived and powerful, capable of seeing your vape through hours of uninterrupted use. When your battery does eventually wear down you can easily charge it with a USB charger, much in the same way that you’d charge a phone!


Vaporizer pens use one of two materials during the vaporization process, herb or wax concentrate. Dry herb pens work in much the same way as standard vaporizers, however rather than using conduction or convection heating elements they use a type of coil more akin to a e-cigarette, wax vaporizers use an atomizer specially specifically build to accommodate the vaping temperature of concentrate. They offer full concentrate hits without the necessity of an elaborate dabbing rig.

Concentrate is a popular material to use in vaporizer pens, this is because a small amount of wax concentrate can have the same potency as several joints worth of dry herb. A small hit from a wax pen can contain a substantial amount of fast-acting THC. this makes vaporizer pens particularly suitable for medicinal use, as a user can enjoy the beneficial medical effects of herb; the pain killing, anti-nausea, and appetite inducing effects, all without having to expose their lungs to acrid smoke and toxins.

Easy To Maintain

Vaporizer pens are exceedingly easy to maintain, they have a simple construction and can be easily cleaned and wiped down with a bit of cleaning solution. Wax vaporizer pens are even easier to maintain as wax doesn’t exude resin like dry herb does!

For a broader selection of vaporizers both concentrate and dry herb check out our web store!