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Vapir started out in 1997 as Advanced Inhalation Revolution (AIR - 2). They quickly took pride of place as one of the leading developers of high quality vaporizers. Their digitally controlled units offered their users smokeless, healthy alternative to joints and bongs. It allowed users to safely enjoy the pure flavor of their herb  without the toxins and carcinogens produced by combustion. By removing combustion from the herb experience users would truly enjoy the flavor of their herb for the first time ever! As their business grew their reputation became renown across the world as one of the leading manufacturers of quality dry herb vaporizers.

Their range of portable vaporizers are among the finest we stock. The Vapir Rise 2.0 Ultimate Vaporizer certainly has a grandiose name, and it certainly earns that moniker; it is a fantastic desktop vaporizer with a whole host of different functions and settings that will allow you to control your vaping experience down to the tiniest detail. It is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates so you can mix up your vape experience as much as you want. For a more portable alternative check out the Vapir N02 vaporizer a hand held vaporizer that brings the power of Vapir’s signature convection vaporizers to a handy portable unit. Its massive digital display makes using it immensely convenient. The N02 V2 is an evolution on the N02 it takes all of the features of its forbearer and adds a huge amount of precises functionality, allowing you an unprecedented level of control that you’d struggle to find in any other portable vape!

Vapir dedicate themselves to creating a revolution in digital vaporization technology. Dry herb vaporizers extract all of the active ingredients from your herb and form it into a smooth draw of harmless vapor. Vapor contains none of the toxins, tars, or carcinogens that is contained within smoke released by traditional combustion methods. Vapir have have mastered the technique of digital vaporisation and have firmly established the principles of potency, freshness, and high quality vapor.

Vapir have dedicated their company to inventing, developing, and building amazing digital vaporizers, both portable and non-portable desktop models. A signature feature of Vapir vaporizers is their exact LCD displays that allow you to see exactly what’s going on inside your unit’s chamber. All Vapir vapes feature precise temperature control, elegant design, and truly superior vapor. Every unit is made to the highest specifications with premium materials, every vaporizer is reliable and offers an amazing vaporizing experience. Vapir vaporizers us convection vaporization to heat your herb, convection heats air and lets that gradually flow over your herb, much in the same way a fan oven works. Convection vaporization promises a thick, even vapor that will allow you to enjoy the natural effects of your dry herb’s active ingredients.

Vapir have made it their mission to deliver the very best digital vaping experience possible. They are committed to the design, production, and perfection of the finest vaporizers in the world at a price that customers can afford. They want to revolutionize the vape market while ensuring that their customers are served to the best of their abilities.

Their attitude to design, the execution of their products and the vaping experience they provide their customers are evidence of their dedication to their mission statement. For a high quality vape that’s made with real love and mastery get yourself a Vapir vaporizer.

For a range of vaporizers, both portable and desktop check out our webstore. There you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of units, both conduction and convection heating systems. You’re sure to be able to find the perfect vaporizer for you.