Vaporizer Accessories

Here you’ll find, balloons, spare atomizers, mouthpieces, batteries, coils, wicks, screens, heating chambers, whips, replacement parts, and a wide selection of everything you'd ever need for your vaporizer. Whether you're using a portable vaporizer or a desktop monster, we've got everything to make sure you have the greatest vaping experience every time.  

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Essential Vape Accessories

Get the most from your vaporizer by choosing from this massive selection of spare and replacement parts for a selection of popular vapes. As well as replacement parts, we also offer a full range of optional vaporizer attachments like glass globe mouthpieces, recycler pendants, wax and oil chambers, water attachments and bubblers.

Unlike many other ways of consuming cannabis, dry herb vaporizers are fairly holistic, within one unit there is everything you need to enjoy your dry herb. There's no need for additional apparatus like bowls, torches, and roaches. This is because in the unit of a vaporizer is everything that is needed to heat up your dry herb. In the chamber there is the heating element, the part of the vape that is responsible for doing the actual vaporizing! It does this in one of two ways, conduction or convection. Conduction puts the dry herb into direct contact with the dry herb, much like a kitchen hob it directly heats the dry herb, drawing the vapor out of it. Convection, however, heats up the air and allows it to flow over the dry herb, gradually evaporating it, much like how a fan over works.

Once the vapor has built up you simply put the built in the mouthpiece to your lips and draw the vapor up the air path and enjoy!

Of course just because your vape is an all-in-one unit doesn’t mean that you can’t pick up some extra accessories to further augment your vaping experience. We stock a whole range of vaporizers accessories that do everything from directly improve your vaping experience. Water tools are one vaporizer accessory that will vastly improve your vaporizer experience.

The water tool is a particularly advanced piece of vaporizer tech. In simple terms, it functions as a tiny bong that replaces or attaches to your vaporizer’s mouthpiece, cooling down your vapor during each hit. It does this by drawing the vapor through a water-cooled tube. It differs fundamentally from a bong because the vapor never actually comes into direct contact with the water, obviously it can’t do this as dry herb vapor is water soluble! Sometimes water tools will bear other names like ‘bubblers’ or ‘water pipes'.

Glass is a fantastic material to use in your vaporizer set up. It is naturally non-reactive, meaning that none of your hits will be tainted with a nasty plastic or metallic taste. Many vaporizers have glass components composed of borosilicate glass, a thermal shock resistant variety of glass that is particularly suited to use in vaporizers. Many vaporizers have removable mouthpieces for the purposes of maintenance, and some allow you to replace the mouthpiece entirely to suit your personal taste. Some people eschew the plastic mouthpieces that are packaged with vaporizers in favor of glass ones like the Haze glass mouthpiece or the SSV Ground Glass Wand from 7th Floor.

A vaporizer screen is a purpose-built piece of plastic, gauze, or in some cases even steel that works as a sieve-like barrier between your dry herbs and the airpath of your vape. It lets the airflow through while blocking loose particles of dry herb and grimy build-up. If particles or resin gets into your vaporizer’s airpath it can cause a whole host of problems, up to and including, combustion. These issues can ruin the taste of your hip and in extreme cases even blockage.  For example for a Skycloud vaporizer pen you’ll want Skycloud screens, and if you have a Haze vape then naturally you’ll want Haze vaporizer screens.

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