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Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer
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Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer User-friendly for newbies and experienced vape fans, the Exxus Plus VV Cartridge Vaporizer is super easy to use.  Sip hard or light, and choose the heat setting with the 3-click button. With its 510 threading...

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Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer
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Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer The Rubi, brought to you by Kandypens is a vaporizer that offers vapor quality, stealthiness, and convenience at an affordable price. At just four inches tall this pod-based vaporizer is designed to be carried in any pocket....

Wellon LUX Pod Vape Pen
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Wellon LUX Pod Vape Pen Yocan has built a sub-brand, Wellon, which focuses on devices for e-juice and are now launching the pod system Lux refillable vape pen. As a new revolutionary pen kit from Wellon, the Lux vape is...

Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Pod System Vape Pen
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Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Pod System Vape Pen Slender and sexy the Yocan Trio 3-in-1 Pod System Vape takes heats for superior vaping of e juice, oils, and concentrates. Super tiny with a powerful build The Trio  powerful puffs with every...

#ThisThingRips OG Series Gen3 Vaporizer Kit
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#ThisThingRips OG Series Vaporizer Kit This thing Rips OG Series Gen 3 wax pen W/ lava quartz technology. Order yours today! Features: calibrated low temp coil deep dish design coil is wrapped around quartz glass! largest chamber capacity direct quad airflow 50%...

HoneyStick BeeKeeper Concealed Mod
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HoneyStick BeeKeeper Concealed Mod The Real Buzz: The future of concealers is here! HoneyStick Beekeeper does it again! Completely ramped up with updates. Fits all thick pre-filled 510 thread carts Order yours today! Features: 1 X BeeKeeper 2.0 20W MOD...

Errly Bird - Nest 2 Pen
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Updated and Improved!  Introducing the Latest Nest Vaporizer Pen...The Nest2!  Featuring Mag-Tech Connection Technology, which makes all connecting parts on this pen magnetic! Chill without hassle. The large crystal quartz chamber holds a grip and doesn't have to refilled after a...

#ThisThingRips OG Series Rip N Go Vaporizer Kit
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Fully Charged and Ready to Rip!! These new Rip N' Go vaporizers from #THISTHINGRIPS are named perfectly. Built for extract lovers who just want to rip and go. The OG series pen comes charged with a lava quartz ti coil...

O.pen VAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit
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O.Pen Vape – Design The design of the O.Pen Vape is like an old-school e-cigarette, it has a lightweight feel and a very discreet look to the vaporizer. It has a 510 thread that’s holding the mouthpiece and the battery...

Randy's Adjustable Airflow Chamber
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Randy's Adjustable Airflow Chamber You're in Control with Randy's Adjustable Airflow Chamber This deluxe chamber with its adjustable dial allows users to control airflow from the vape. The chamber also comes with a deluxe metal mouthpiece and a smell-resistant cap....

JUUL Vaporizer - Basic Kit
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JUUL  The JUUL is THE MOST popular e-juice vaporizer on the market. It's easy to use with no buttons or switches. Just pop in the pod and get started. There's no ash, no odor, no mess and no fuss. The...

Suorin Vagon
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Who Should Buy the Suorin Vagon? Thanks to its draw activation that provides a similar feel as smoking a cigarette, the Suorin Vagon e-juice vaporizer is great for those who have recently quit smoking and want an easier transition.  The...


Vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes with one to suit every budget and every lifestyle. Some vape dry herb, some concentrate and some oils.
In fact some vaporizer brands can even multitask and vape all three.

Here at EveryoneDoesIt we have a complete range of top brands to choose from and we are confident you will find the brand that suits you and your pocket.

Top of the Range Vaporizer Brands

Storz & Bickel

German giants Storz & Bickel are the creme de le creme of the vaporizer world offering superior products for every lifestyle including powerful desktops such as The Volcano and the Plenty and fantastic portable vaporizers such as the Mighty and the Crafty.


Out of silicon valley comes the luxurious Firefly 2, a vaporizer that oozes perfection, performance and a touch of class. If flavor is your thing then look no further than this portable powerhouse for flowers and concentrates.


The world is raving about the Ghost MV1 portable dry herb vaporizer which rivals the illustrious Storz & Bickel. Truly one of the greatest vaporizers in the world for absolute performance, taste and vapor quality.

Mid-Price Range Vaporizer Brands


The PAX 3 is a dual use vaporizer for both leaf and concentrate.
Function, taste and elegance combine in one super fast, ultra compact, app ready device.


Arizer offer top of the range desktops and portable vaporizers at mid-range prices. Power, performance, and temperature control are the focus of this highly popular brand.

Da Vinci

Compact, portable, discreet vaporizers with built-in Intelligence that powers incredibly flavorsome and powerful vaporizers loved by millions.

Budget Vaporizer Brands

Black Mamba

The most affordable dry herb vaporizer on the market with an incredible heat up time of only 30 seconds. The Black Mamba is perfect for beginners with its ease of use and fantastic vape quality.


Flowermate offers precise temperature control while vaping both dry herb and concentrate through a superior glass mouthpiece that delivers smooth cool vapor.


Grenco Science have sleek powerhouses for both concentrates and herbs that produce fabulously smooth delicious vapor all at a low price.

Dr Dabber

Have some of the best value portable pens on the market as well as a fantastic dab rig. One of the best brands on the market with great value.


Shot to fame when featured on DJ Kali music video, these affordable pens can vape either herb or concentrate evenly and smoothly for ultimate taste. Check out the full collection of KandyPens, click here


Stylish, attractive pens for vaping oils and waxes. Linx offer great vape and great value for such a powerful pen.