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Mighty Vaporizer

VENDOR: Storz & Bickel

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Who should buy the Mighty Vaporizer?

The Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizer is one hell of a beast. While it’s one of the larger portable options on the market, it’s still perfectly portable. And what’s more, it’s one of the most durable vaporizers out there. 

It’s made entirely from plastic which means there’s no fear of breaking a glass mouthpiece, for example. It is this durability that makes the Mighty a perfect choice for festival-goers, campers, and those who love to vaporize on-the-go. What compliments this durability further is the outstanding battery life!


Why You’ll love The Mighty Vaporizer

If you’re the type who likes variety and likes alternating from session to session, you’ll love the Mighty vape. It can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates boasting true flexibility.

The Mighty Vaporizer is yet another masterpiece by Storz and Bickel. 

As a brand, Storz and Bickel have established themselves as an industry-leading vaporizer brand. They have developed some of the most iconic devices on the market today. The Mighty Vaporizer effortlessly combines the flawless performance of the volcano with unrivaled portability. Known as one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, the Storz and Bickel Mighty is a true show-stopper. 

The Mighty Vaporizer Key Features

Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

Let’s take a look at some of these features in a bit more detail. It’s important that they’re highlighted but also understood. After all, you deserve to know just how great they are. 

1. Vapor Quality

The Mighty is known for producing some of the best quality vapor on the market of portable vaporizers. While many vaporizers require users to inhale a few times before any vapor is produced, not with the Mighty. From the moment it reaches your temperature, it produces luscious thick clouds. Complimented by ‘Boost Mode’, which amplifies this ability to produce dense, velvety vapor. 

2. Temperature Control

mighty - temperature control

The Mighty vaporizer boasts a huge range of temperatures to choose from. They range between 104 Fahrenheit - 410 Fahrenheit. The temperature can be controlled by using the two buttons on either side of the mini LED screen which shows the temperature and battery life. The different temperatures will provide different experiences so there will be something for everyone. 

3. Boost Mode

Boost mode is unique to the Storz and Bickel Mighty vape. It’s the type of feature you’ll only find on the most elite portable vaporizers out there. The boost mode pushes the heating system of the Mighty into overdrive. It’s activated by pressing the power button twice and will help you clear out your bowl toward the end of a session. Elevating the temperature ensures that all of your dry herb or concentrate is vaporized and none wasted. 

4. Battery Life 

The battery life on the Mighty Vaporizer is nothing short of phenomenal. The body of the Mighty is split into three sections. The left and right columns are both individual lithium-ion batteries. While you may find portable vaporizers with a faster charging time, few can rival the battery life of the Mighty. It charges fully within 2 hours and also features a passthrough charging feature. While the Mighty does not allow for USB-C charging, the passthrough charging allows you to use your vaporizer while it charges. 

5. Auto-Shutdown 

Auto-shutdown features have become common amongst portable vaporizers, particularly the best ones. With the Mighty, it contributes to that extraordinary battery life. After a few minutes of inactivity, the Mighty’s haptic feedback will cause it to vibrate. This is a warning that it will shut down should there be no more activity. After a few more minutes it will vibrate multiple times consecutively and shut down to preserve that battery life. 

6. Versatility 

The Mighty Vaporizer was originally designed for use with dry herbs. In fact, for many enthusiasts, there’s no better device for this than the Mighty. Well, now it caters to all. 

The Mighty Vaporizer comes with liquid pads that allow compatibility with concentrates. Perhaps you’ve always admired the Storz and Bickel Mighty but you only consume concentrates. Or maybe you like to alternate between dry herbs and concentrates for variety. Once upon a time this would have meant owning two devices, but Storz and Bickel have solved this problem for all. 

How to Operate the Mighty Vaporizer 

Now it’s time to talk about operating the Mighty. It’s all well and good knowing how good something is, but you need to know how to use it to its full potential. 

How to Use the Mighty Vaporizer

Using the Mighty Vaporizer has been made simple by Storz and Bickel. Even for someone who’s new to portable vaporizers, you’ll have no problems. The first thing you’ll need to do is charge your device. To get the most out of those incredible lithium-ion batteries, this is essential. Allow the Mighty to fully charge which should take approximately 2 hours. 

Now that it’s charged you can remove the mouthpiece to expose the chamber. You can either place your dry herb directly into the chamber or fill the capsule with your herb and place that in the chamber. Place the mouthpiece back on and press the power button to begin heating to your desired temperature. 

How to optimize the vapor quality

Thanks to the advanced technology used within the Mighty Vaporizer, the experience is customizable. With a range of different temperatures, you’ll have a range of experiences at your fingertips. 

It boils down to preference, but also to the substance you are using. The general rule of thumb is that lower temperatures will focus more on flavor, and higher ones on cloud size and density. Once you’ve waited for your Mighty to heat up completely, enjoy some of the smoothest hits you’ll have ever experienced. 

How to clean/maintain the Mighty Vaporizer 

Cleaning and maintaining your Mighty is important. It plays a huge part in ensuring your vapor is of the highest quality in terms of taste. Any leftover residue will affect the taste of the vapor as it often carries an unpleasant burnt taste.

The cleaning process is simple and is like the process of cleaning all portable vaporizers. The most important parts to ensure are kept clean are the chamber, screen, and mouthpiece. Luckily both can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. Using cleaning swabs soaked in the alcohol wipe the inside of the chamber until clean. 

A bowl filled with rubbing alcohol can be used to soak all the essential elements. Once soaked and clean, set aside to dry before assembling your Mighty again for use. 

Technical Specifications 

Use With

Dry herbs & concentrate


14cm x 8cm x 3cm

Chamber Capacity

0.25 grams

Heat Up Time

60 seconds


Conduction & convection

Battery Life

90 minutes

Charge Time

2 hours




104 Fahrenheit - 410 Fahrenheit


2 years

What’s in the box? 

mighty - Inside the box
  • 1 x Mighty vaporizer 
  • 3 x Spare screens
  • 1 x Liquid pad
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Herb grinder
  • 1 x Spare seal rings
  • 1 x Dosing capsule
  • 1 x Filling aid
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Power adaptor

The Mighty Vaporizer Most Important Questions

Q1: Is the Mighty Vaporizer good value for money? 

The Mighty vaporizer by german engineers Storz and Stickel is definitely on the pricier side for a portable vaporizer. This being said, it’s probably the best one around. It’s one of the only portable devices which is able to rival the experience of a desktop vaporizer. This is a credit to the hard work and experience of the Storz and Bickel team. For anyone with a budget that allows you to purchase this beast, you’ll not be disappointed. Its durability means you won’t have trouble with regular breakages, and its vapor quality justifies its price. 

Q2: Is the Mighty Vaporizer portable? 

The Mighty is a perfectly portable and powerful vaporizer. It has an excellent battery life meaning you’ll have 90-minutes of carefree on-the-go vaping before it needs charging. Its power allows it to compete with some of the desktop options out there; it really is the best of both worlds. 

Q3: What can the Mighty Vaporizer be used with? 

The Mighty vaporizer was created for use with dry herbs and concentrates. The herbs can be placed directly into the chamber or held within a capsule that fits in the chamber. To use the Mighty with concentrates such as wax or shatter, you’ll need the liquid pad. No matter what you’re preference of material, you can enjoy everything with the Mighty. 

Q4: Does the Mighty Vaporizer have passthrough charging? 

The Mighty Vaporizer allows for passthrough charging. This means that you won’t have to wait for it to recharge before using it again. Simply place it on charge and resume using your Mighty as usual. 

Q5: Does the Mighty Vaporizer come with a warranty? 

Yes, the Mighty vaporizer comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. 

Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer