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Volcano Vaporizer Classic

VENDOR: Storz & Bickel

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Who Should Buy The Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano Vaporizer is to the vape industry what a classic Aston Martin in the auto industry. It is a high watermark of classic vape design, packed with precision engineering, and above all more than powerful enough to put many of its more modern peers to shame. 

This is a vaporizer for aficionados who want to enjoy their dry herb experience to the fullest while also enjoying the timeless charm of what may be one of the most important vaporizers ever designed. It was the very first device released by German vape giants Storz & Bickel, and among the first-ever vaporizers to use a hybrid heating system. 

The result is an incredible device that delivers incredibly consistent, potent, flavorful, and pure hits. This is a vaporizer for those who truly value all the nuances of a dry herb vaping experience and who want to take it to the next level. 

Why You’ll Love The Volcano Classic?

The Original Volcano Vaporizer was the first of its kind, a hybrid heating-driven vape that combined the best of conduction and convection together. The former is well known for its rapid heating and thick clouds while the latter is known for its amazing flavor and super-consistent hits. Together they produce a vapor quality that really makes an impression. Even better, the unique conical shape of the Volcano means that this vapor has space to circulate and aerate, allowing it to become especially smooth and pure. 

The Volcano Classic carries on the legacy of that original device. It is a call back to a time before digital control systems. Instead, it uses an analog control knob. This may look baffling at first glance, however, once you get used to it you'll love its retro charm and super-intuitive operation. This vaporizer is literally decades old, but there are few vapes in existence today that can so much as hold a candle to it. 

How To Use The Volcano Vaporizer?

1. How To Operate The Volcano Classic?

While its analog controls may seem a bit imposing to those more used to modern vaporizers, the Volcano is a beautifully designed device that is a breeze to use. However, before you switch anything on, you should make sure to place it down on a solid, flat surface. This is a large device and requires a decent amount of stability to be used safely. 

Next, take out the filling chamber and carefully decant your botanicals of choice into it before placing it back into the device. After that, take out the Easy Valve attachment and a balloon and click them onto the top of the device. To begin heating, press the large red heat button on the front of the device. You can set the temperature with the knob on the face of the volcano. As it heats the temperature light will pulse gently before shining solid. At this point, you can press the green air button to start the fan. This will fill the balloon with vapor. Be careful not to over-fill it. Then all you need to do is detach the balloon, attach a mouthpiece and enjoy. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

The Volcano Classic, thanks to its hybrid heating system, is incredibly good at getting the most out of your herb regardless of what you do. However, there is a little prep you can do to ensure that your vapor quality is top-notch. When you are prepping your herb with your grinder, make sure you break it down into a medium consistency. Then, when you pack it into the chamber, make sure it isn't too dense. This allows for the air from the Volcano's heating system to flow throughout the entire chamber, leading to more consistent vaporization.

3. How To Clean Volcano Vaporizer?

To help maintain your Volcano Classic, you should always make sure that you empty its chamber out after each use. This helps stop any grime from building up over time. Next, you should ensure that your screens are frequently brushed clear of any clogs. 

Deeper cleans require partial disassembly and a few cleaning supplies. These include soft-bristled brushes and isopropyl alcohol. However, it is extremely important to remember to keep any liquid cleaners away from the electronic components as they could easily damage them.

Finally, whenever you clean your device, you should always remember to put it through a test heat session before using it again. This ensures that any leftover alcohol residue totally vaporizes.

Top 5 The Volcano Classic Features 

1. Hybrid Heating

The Volcano Classic's entire reputation hinges on how effective and powerful its heating system is. This is the keystone of the entire Storz & Bickel empire. Hybrid heating is the most effective, efficient, and potent way to heat your dry herb. It uses the best of both conduction and convection to produce a level of vapor quality that is truly remarkable. It is both potent, consistent, and it uses every last bit of the herb in its chamber. The level of vapor quality from the Volcano Classic has to be experienced to be believed. 

2. Analog Control System

The Volcano Vaporizer was an old-school vaporizer that hit the scene long before the modern trend of digital control systems. We're not just talking about the vape industry, we mean all consumer electronics. 

While everything today is controlled via some sort of screen and button set up, once upon a time a more low-tech affair was the go-to. A lot of people have forgotten the tactile charm and intuitive precision of the old dial-based system, but once you have a go on the Volcano Classic, you'll more than see the appeal. 

3. Easy Valve Balloons

The Volcano Classic uses an easy valve system to attach specialized balloons, this is a quality of life upgrade that makes it far more accessible than the original Volcano Vape. The fan inside the body of the device pushes vapor up into these balloons until they are full. They can then be detached and used separately from the rest of the device, allowing for smooth, potent sessions that don't tie you to your Volcano. They are made out of food-safe plastic, and the vapor can last up to eight hours inside of them. 

4. Iconic Design

volcano vaporizer design

The chrome cone of the Volcano vaporizer is an iconic symbol in the vaporizer industry. This vape is the Ferrari of desktop devices, and everything from its operation to its design is hailed far and wide as an incredible example of the finest in vape technology. This is a truly striking vaporizer that deserves pride of place in anyone's vape collection.

5. Low Maintenance 

Thanks to its advanced system of air circulation, and its precision-engineered design, the Volcano is a low-maintenance vaporizer. As long as you keep up with minor, session-by-session maintenance, you won't need to deep clean this vaporizer too often. 

Is The Volcano Classic worth It? 

The Volcano Classic is, without a doubt, a premium luxury vape. This generally comes with a premium, luxury price tag, but is it worth it? The Volcano isn't a device for beginners, this vaporizer is intended for those who have not only experience with dry herb vaping, but an enthusiasm for it too. 

It features some of the best vapor quality that money can buy, incredibly reliable engineering, and one of the most classic aesthetics in the entire scene. If you are an experienced herb fan, and you want to truly take your vape experience to the next level, then the Volcano Classic is more than worth the investment. If you're a little newer to the vape world, then consider checking out a less advanced vaporizer. 

Compare with similar products

The Volcano Classic is a powerful and efficient vaporizer, however, it isn't really intended for beginners or even many intermediate vape fans. If you're a casual user, or you don’t worry too much about having the best possible vapor quality, then a less demanding and premium vaporizer may be a better choice. 

The Mighty is a portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. It features a similar hybrid heating system to the Volcano Classic but it is several times smaller and costs less. As a portable vaporizer, it is also easier to store and transport thanks to its internal power supply. If you need Storz & Bickel-level quality, but don't have the budget for a Volcano Classic, then the Mighty is perfect for you.

What’s included:

1 x Volcano Classic Vaporizer

4 x Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpiece

1 x Easy Valve Balloon Set with Adapter

3 x Filling Chamber Clip

1 x Filling Chamber

1 x Cap Ring

1 x Normal Screen Set

1 x Air Filter Set

1 x Herb Mill

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Instruction Manual

Technical Specifications:


Dry herb and concentrates (with pad)

Chamber capacity

0.75 g

Temperature range

104° F - 446° F


7.9” x 7.1” x 7.9”

Heating system



3 Years

5 Most Important Questions About The Volcano Classic

Q1: What Can the Volcano Classic Be Used With?

The Volcano Classic is designed from the ground up to be used with dry herbs. Its heating system and general setup are designed to get the very most out of this material. However, with the use of a concentrate insert, the Volcano can be used to vaporize dabbing concentrates. 

Q2: How Long Can The Vapor Last Inside An Easy Valve Balloon?

Easy Valve Balloons are designed to allow you to enjoy hits of vapor while away from your Volcano. It is made out of specialized, food-grade materials and is 100% safe to use. Once your vapor is in there, it can last for up to eight hours! So you don't need to worry about rushing. 

Q3: Is The Volcano Classic A Desktop Vaporizer?

The Volcano Classic is a desktop vaporizer. This means that it needs to be set down on a solid, stable surface during use and draws power from an outlet. 

Q4: What Is The Volcano Classic’s, Temperature Range?

The Volcano Classic has a wide range of temperatures that stretch from 104° F all the way up to 446° F. This can be adjusted to allow users to access a broad range of different vape experiences. 

Q5: How Much Can The Volcano Vaporizer Classic's Bowl Hold?

The Volcano Classic, true to the original Volcano Vaporizer, comes with a generous chamber capacity that can hold up to .75g of your favorite herbal blend, this is more than enough for a long session and is perfect for sharing. 

Volcano Vaporizer Classic

Volcano Vaporizer Classic