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XVape is a solid and reliable brand renowned far and wide for creating some of the finest portable vaporizers out there. What sets them apart is their incredible beginner-friendly designs. They have something for nearly every beginner, in a host of different sizes, and compatible with nearly every material. Their portable dry herb vapes share some key features across their entire range, including aluminum outer casing, and leak-proof magnetic lock mouthpieces.

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XMax Starry v3 Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy Xmax Starry V3? The XMax Starry from X-Vape is an incredible entry-level vaporizer that is perfect for total beginners or casual users. It is a great quality device that is available for a very affordable price. This...

XVape Vista Mini 2
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Who Should Buy Xvape V-One 2.0? For fans of sleekness, style, and most of all, portability, this vape is for you.  The XVape V-ONE 2.0 is a pocket sized vape specializing in waxes and concentrates, and its small size belies...

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XVape Starry / Fog Glass Bubbler
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XVape Starry & Fog Glass Bubbler - Intro Give your throat a break with the glass bubbler made for the XVape Starry vaporizer. This Fog Glass Bubbler provides a smooth release of vape that cuts down on throat irritation when...

XVape Starry / Fog Glass Mouthpiece / Adapter
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XVape Starry & Fog Glass Mouthpiece / Adapter A water bong adapter made for the XVape Starry & Fog vaporizers. Level up your XVape Fog or Starry with the Fog Glass Mouthpiece/Adapter. Order yours today! Features: 14mm adapter Glass mouthpiece...

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XVape Fog Portable Vaporizer
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Who Should Buy Xvape Fog? Beginners looking for their first vaporizer and experienced users who value simplicity will appreciate the single button operation and preset temperatures that the Xvape Fog features. Those who are always on the go and don't...

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XVape Starry Chamber Mesh Screen
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XVape Starry Chamber Mesh Screen - Intro These replacement screens are authentic pieces manufactured by Xvape themselves. Over time, the screens inside your Xvape Starry vaporizer will need to be replaced in order to maintain the airflow and the great taste...

XVape Avant Ceramic Mouthpiece
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XVape Avant Ceramic Mouthpiece - Intro This is an authentic replacement mouthpiece from Xvape designed for the Avant vaporizer. This mouthpiece is crafted with ceramic that actively preserves the flavor of the material in the heating chamber once it is...

XVape Fog Pro
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Who Should Buy the XVape Fog Pro? The XVape Fog Pro is a versatile vape that fits in well with any lifestyle or aesthetic – but with a special bias towards those who pride themselves on terrific taste. That’s because...

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XVape Avant Vaporizer
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XVape Avant Vaporizer - Intro Who Should Buy the Xvape Avant? The Xvape Avant dry herb vaporizer was designed for vape fans that are always on the go. With an ultra-discreet, compact, and durable build, users can enjoy a session...

XVape V-One 2.0 Kit - Pen w/ Bubbler Attachment
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Who Should Buy the XVape V-One 2.0? Whether you’re new to concentrate vaping, or a seasoned enthusiast the V One vape by XVape combines ultra-simplicity with extremely high performance.  At home you can set it up as a rig, when...

XVape Cricket+
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Who Should Buy XVape Cricket+? The XVape Cricket+ is a budget concentrate vaporizer. This means that it’s perfect for beginners and more casual users. There is a huge range of budget vaporizers out there on the market, but few are...

XVape Aria
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Who Should Buy the Xvape Aria? The Xvape Aria is the ideal unit for those searching for a heavy duty vape that is portable and discreet enough to take anywhere on the go without worrying about nosey onlookers. Vape connoisseurs...


Their concentrate vapes all make clever use of amazing features such as glass water tools and atomizers made out of high-quality materials. 

Located in Sunny Southern California, XVape was founded by two vape industry engineers nearly a decade ago. Their goal is simple, to provide the vape scene with a range of high-quality, effective vaporizers at a reasonable price.

After all this time, XVape is still going from strength to strength, creating better and better vaporizers with everything they have learned across the years. 

XVape FAQ 

Q1. Where Are XVape Based?

XVape is based in Southern California. Founded in the early 2010s, they have established themselves as one of the most reliable and affordable of all US-based vaporizer brands. 

Q2. What is XVape's Best Vaporizer? 

For years, the XMax Starry line of vaporizers has been front and center when it comes to the XVape brand. There have been three Starry vapes in total, with the most recent being the XMax Starry V3, a culmination of all the lessons and refinements they have learned from their many years in the vape industry. 

Q3. Are XVape Devices for Concentrate or Dry Herb?

The XVape range of vapes contains devices that are designed for use with both dry herbs and concentrates. 

Different Types Of XVape 

1. XVape Cricket +

The XVape Cricket Plus is an accessible and affordable concentrate pen. It is ideal for casual users and beginners alike, allowing them to enter the concentrate vape scene without breaking the bank or having to learn a complicated control scheme.

The Cricket Plus features a slim and discreet construction that makes it the ideal everyday carry device. Its heating system is powered by a quartz atomizer with titanium rods, this features a rapid heat-up time and an incredible consistent vape experience.

Users can be sure that they are enjoying the true and untainted flavor of their concentrate of choice. On top of this, the refillable cartridge allows buyers to adjust the vape flow and quality of their hits, allowing them to fine-tune their vape experience. 

2. XVape V-One 2.0

The XVape V-One 2.0 is a cutting-edge concentrate vape that offers incredible titanium-powered heating combined with high-quality water cooling. The dual titanium coil has a super rapid heat-up time thanks to its advanced construction.

This means you can enjoy the authentic flavor of your concentrates along with consistent vapor quality. The bubbler is cleverly designed to be practically spillproof, this means you won't have to worry about causing a mess when you carry this device with you or pass it around with some friends. 

3. XVape Starry V3

The XMax Starry V3 is the latest iteration of XVape's incredible flagship portable vape. It is a stylish and reliable drive that features a host of incredible features and innovations that are a testament to its great reputation and legacy.

It features a powerful, removable 18650 battery for an extra long life. This powers a fantastic conduction heating system that synergizes with the oval construction and ceramic lining of the herb chamber to create powerful vapor and some truly amazing sessions.

The OLED screen and digital controls mean that users have total control over their vape experience and can adjust the heat on the fly. The mouthpiece is held onto the top of the device with powerful magnets, this ensures a firm hold and leak-proof seal. 

4. XVape Aria

The XVape Aria is a powerful portable vaporizer that boasts an incredible level of flavor. It has a synergy of an all-ceramic oven and an isolated airpath that helps create thick, tasty clouds that let you enjoy the most authentic flavor possible.

Its 20 second heat-up time means that users don't have to worry about waiting around for your first hit. It lets you know it's ready to use with a short burst of haptic feedback.

Its all-ceramic mouthpiece is held in pace with a powerful magnetic seal so you don't have to worry about difficult threading or any risk of leaks.

Finally, the full digital controls and OLED screen allow you to control every aspect of your vape experience with power and precision. 

5. XVape Avant

The XVape Avant is a super portable and incredibly discreet dry herb vaporizer that is perfect for beginner vape fans. It's design is so small and slim that it can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Despite this small size, it features an incredibly resilient composition. Its exterior is made out of anodized aluminum with a ceramic dry herb chamber.

The chamber has a magnetic sealing system to keep the lid and mouthpiece in place while the extra-large ceramic heating element creates dense, tasty, and powerful vapor.

The isolated vapor path ensures that this vapor remains pure and untainted as you take a hit. 

6. XVape Vista Mini 2 

The XVape Vista Mini 2 is another unique device among the Xvape Range due to its design as a concentrate vaporizing e-rig. It uses a combination of powerful electronic heating and smooth, water-cooled hits.

Its glass components use diffusion techniques and efficient construction to effectively cool the surface area of your hits. This leads to incredibly smooth and tasty hits that go down easy.

It features a flexible temperature system that is divided up into four presets: White: 280°C, Green: 320°C, Blue: 350°C, and Red: 400°C.

These all offer different vapor experiences and allow users to enjoy their devices with a range of different concentrates.

The Vista Mini 2 is a cutting-edge device that features a host of incredible, modern features. One of these is amazing wireless charging. This allows users to top up their battery mid-session without having to fuss around with cables. 

7. XVape Fog Portable

The XVape Fog is one of XVapes most accessible and beginner-friendly devices. It features a simple single-button control. System and intuitive temperatures preset. This means that there is minimal setup time and fuss before each season or hit.

It is built of resilient anodized aluminum that is more than capable of standing up to the trials and tribulations in the life of an everyday carry device. It also features a removable battery, which allows users to carry around several spares. This means you can extend your vape session for as long as you need!

Why Are XVapes Still Popular?

With nearly 10 years in a hyper-competitive industry under their belt, XVape seems to be doing better than ever. This is down to their ability to create incredibly high-quality devices that don't come with a massive price tag.

This is why they are uniquely suited for beginners who want to get the very most out of their device without over-investing before they are sure that they have something they want. 

Mainstay devices like the Starry line of dry herb vaporizers have remained enduringly popular for this exact reason, introducing many beginners while remaining more than powerful enough for vape veterans.

Founded in 2013, its clear to see that XVape set out with a vision that has stood the test of time, and will continue to be an incredible ethos for years to come. 

How to Select the Perfect XVape For You?

XVape have built a singularly impressive range of vaporizers. This broad selection can initially seem a bit overwhelming to newcomers, but with a little consideration, you'll be able to figure out a device that suits your vaping style perfectly. 

The first thing to consider is whether you prefer concentrate or dry herb vaping. XVape has a broader selection of dry herb vaporization, with several devices dedicated to this material.

These use either conduction or convection to gradually vaporize the active ingredients out of your herb and turn them into dense and tasty hits. The Starry V3 is an excellent example of this type of device, using direct conduction heating and an intuitive control scheme to help the user get their ideal vape experience. 

Concentrate vapes are a little different. They are designed to work with thicker, more potent materials called concentrates or dabs. These require higher temperatures and a more rapid method of vaporization to be used effectively.

On top of this, they also tend to be used with water tools that cool and filter each hit, making for a much more comfortable vape experience. The XVape Mini Vista 2 would be a good example of this type of device. 

Following this, the user will need to consider what size of the device they would like. The XVape range is universally portable. Some devices, however, like the Fog, are designed to be more compact and discreet than others.

If you want an everyday carry device that won't draw attention then the smaller the better. If you want something that can be used around the house at your leisure, then something a little larger and with a more comprehensive control system may suit you better. 

How To Use XVape 

Several XVape Devices like the Starry V3, come with displays and full control schemes. These are intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to easily program in their settings of choice.

The more compact devices have a single button control scheme to help save on space. This requires the user to learn a series of taps, which, once done a few times, becomes second nature. 

Finally, nearly all XVape devices make use of haptic feedback. This lets out a short buzz of vibrating feedback to let you know it's ready to go!

1. How Does A XVape Work?

Dry herb XVapes use electric heating to gradually bake the active ingredients out of your dry herb. This is either done via direct contact, known as conduction heating, or via heating the air around the herb, known as convection. 

Their concentrated vapes work a little differently. They use quartz, aluminum, or ceramic atomizers to instantly vaporize wax or oil-style concentrates. This is then drawn through a water tool that wicks heat away from the surface area of the vapor. This results in dense, powerful, but smooth hits. 

2. How To Operate XVape?

Each XVape comes with its own control scheme. These will come with power or mode button that serves as the main means of activation or control on the device. Temperature adjustment is either done with separate buttons or with different inputs on the mode button. 

3. How To Clean XVape?

To clean the dry herb XVape devices, users should first remove the mouthpiece and expose the oven. This can carefully be cleaned out with a q-tip wetted with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. The mouthpiece can be cleaned out with a pipe cleaner and rubbing alcohol. 

Concentrate devices feature glass components that will need to be cleaned separately from the rest of the device. This is done by fearfully emptying it out and rinsing it with warm water. Any build-up or grime can be broken up and washed away with some isopropyl alcohol.

Be sure to run any XVape through a test heating cycle after you have cleaned it, this will ensure that any residual alcohol has been evaporated away.

XVape Parts & Accessories Guide

XVape provides a huge range of after-market accessories and replacement parts that can augment or repair your device. This allows users to extend the overall life of their device, or find new and interesting ways to enjoy vape experiences from it. 

A notable accessory is the external whip-style bubbler designed for the XVape Starry and Fog. This device connects to the mouthpiece of your vape and allows you to enjoy a dry herb vape experience with an added level of water-cooled smoothness.

The Starry's functionality can be further enhanced with the use of the metal concentrate pad. This turns the Starry into a dual-use device that can offer concentrated vaping experiences.

XVape's range of replacement parts consists of chamber filters, mouthpieces, and other parts that are intended to replace components as they wear out. Many of their devices are designed with removable batteries. These allow users to carry several pre-charged replacements and extend the overall life of their vaporizer. 

Pros and Cons of XVape 



Affordable prices

Lacks some modern features

Range of portable vapes

No desktop units

The range includes both dry herbs and concentrates devices

No dual-use vaporizers 

Who’s XVape For?

XVape makes a range of beginner-friendly devices that can offer expert-level results. Their broad range of vaporizers has a variation for nearly anyone. For a modest price of entry, anyone can access a device that will allow them to enjoy truly spectacular vape experiences for a long time in their vape journey. 

If you want a great device that is intuitive, easy to use, and won't break the bank, then look no further than an XVape