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E-Livi8 Portable Vaporizer

The E-Livi8 Portable Vaporizer is a new hand-held vaporization device suitable for use with dried herbs and flowers as well as tobacco and aromatherapy blends.

Powered by twin 2600 MaH lithium-ion batteries, the E-livi8 kicks out 5200 MaH in power - more than enough to create beautiful, flavorsome vapour, rich in natural ingredients.

The E-Livi8 was developed by taking the existing design of the Flowermate Vapormax V and carefully making some important modifications.  The idea being to create a portable vaporizer that actually does what it is supposed to do, and offer true portable vaporization.  The team of three industry notables behind the design improvements are led by Captain Redeye; he of Red-Eye fame - hence the E-Livi8 being known as a Red-Eye Remix:

Firstly, a new circuit board was developed.  This offers three pre-set temperature settings that are tried and tested for the E-Livi8.  They are the perfect temperatures needed to achieve the best results:  Rejuven8 at 172°C (340°F), Medic8 at 185°C (365°F) and Sed8 at 216°C (420°F).

Secondly, the Red Eye team introduced a silicone sealed air path.  This is an exclusive feature not available on any other device of this type.  The sealed air path means that the wonderful natural flavor of your herbs is not tainted by the taste of plastic or electronic components.  No more metallic tinge, no more powdery tastes.

Thirdly, to distinguish the E-Livi8 from similar looking vaporizers, the Red-Eye Remix gave it a sleek chrome finish.  No other vape of this type has the chrome casing.  If it"s not chrome, it"s not a real E-Livi8 and it"s highly likely that it will be an inferior product.

The E-Livi8 also has variable draw control, allowing you to adjust the amount of air that is passing through the sealed path.  Create denser vapor by closing the air-port underneath the vap.

The E-Livi8 includes 2 stainless steel bullets which can be pre-loaded with herbs, flowers or tobacco and screwed directly into the mouthpiece for rapid loading.  This avoids direct loading of the oven, saving time and allowing you to vaporize easily when you"re on the go.

The E-Livi8 is easily the best portable vaporizer of its type.  We have not seen anything else that comes close in terms of performance and value.  The E-Livi8 creates delicious vapour, untainted by any contaminants, at the same time producing absolutely zero combustion, so your vapor is pure, clean and free from the carcinogens and particulates associated with smoke.

The E-Livi8 is sold as a complete kit which includes the vaporizer itself, plus a silicone mouthpiece, a glass mouthpice, universal worldwide charger with adapters, 5 spare steel gauzes, a loading tool, a cleaning tool and a cleaning cloth for keeping your E-Livi8 nice and shiny.

E-Livi8 - Love the life you lead.  Lead the life you love.  

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand E-Livi8
Material Aluminium, Chrome Plated, Metal
Power Battery
Compatibility Dry Herb
Adjustable Temperature Presets
Temperature Control Digital
Heating Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Conduction/Convection
Color Chrome, Silver
Display None
Mouthpiece Glass, Silicone
Extra Adjustable Draw Control, Straight Through Air Path
Type Portable