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Firefly Vaporizer

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Firefly Vaporizer

The Firefly Portable Vaporizer is the latest portable vaporizer to land at EDIT from across the pond in the USA.

Utilizing a high-tech hot air convection heating system, the Firefly is among the most advanced vaporizers currently available.  The convection system circulates hot air around your herbs which releases all the flavors, terpenes and active ingredients from the blend without burning the herbs and creating smoke.  This then, is true vaporization, without combustion - no carcinogens or particulates and no nasty, harsh taste from burnt herbs.  

The Firefly is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery which generates a full 50 watts of vaping power.  The battery takes approximately 45 minutes to charge completely using the supplied wall charger.  The battery is also interchangeable, so you can always carry a spare if required.  Each full charge gives around 50 puffs of thick, clean vapor - enough for even the most intense of vaping sessions.

The sleek, good looks of the Firefly offer more than just esthetic appeal; the magnetic top plate comes away effortlessly to reveal the glass bowl.  Fill the bowl with your herbal aromatherapy blend and replace the cover.  After switching the Firefly on, the bowl heats up almost instantaneously - this is the fastest vape on the market in terms of heat up time.  The bowl emits a captivating red glow when the Firefly is ready for action; this can be viewed through the porthole on the top of the vap.  The longer the user depresses the power button, the hotter the Firefly will get, up to a maximum temperature of 400°F.  This gives you total control of your vaporization temperature - no more sticking to one or two pre-selected temperature settings - the Firefly lets you choose the heat setting yourself.

The Firefly Portable Vaporizer is available to buy from EDIT in a range of colors and comes with FREE shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee. See the drop down for availability.

  • The Fastest Vaporizer Available 
  • The Most Powerful Portable Vaporizer - 50 Watts
  • Superior Convection Flavour 
  • Viewable Glass Heating Chamber 
  • Custom Vapor Control 
  • Quick Charge 
  • Swappable Battery 
  • Available in red, silver and gray

Additional Info

Additional Info

Dimensions 10.5cm x 17cm x 9.5cm Pack
Weight Info 707g Pack
Brand Firefly
Material Metal
Power Battery
Compatibility Dry Herb
Adjustable Temperature Variable
Heating Chamber Material Glass
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Convection
Color Red
Height 161mm
Type Portable