Flavored Rolling Papers Regular Size Root Beer | Juicy Jay's

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There is something so very back yard barbeque about root beer flavor. These rolling papers from Juicy Jay’s are the perfect complement to your herbal blends.


  • “Triple Dipped”

  • Root Beer Flavor

  • Available in Single Pack or Whole Box


“Triple Dipped”

Juicy Jay’s has been creating and marketing fine flavored rolling papers for over a decade. Their proprietary method of thrice dipping each paper ensures you get a quality drag of that sweet and subtle root beer essence every puff.

Root Beer Flavor

Root beer is flavored using the sassafras tree. Luscious and syrupy, this rolling paper doesn’t overpower, but rather subtly tinges your already delectable smoke product with an extra dollop of delicious.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Juicy Jays
Material Hemp
Flavour Detail Root Beer
Sizes 1 1/4 - 76-78 x 45-48mm 3.1 x 1.8 inches
Type Flavoured