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Inhalater Portable Vaporizer

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Inhalater Portable Vaporizer

This is the latest vaporizing innovation straight out of Canada, the Inhalator fully portable vaporizer is destined to be a trendsetter in portable vaporizing technology.

Using a concealed heating element with a variable temperature control this product really does vaporize rather than combust. Your chosen material is placed within a sheaf of polycarbonate, which is entriely stable at the temperaturews used, and totally innert. By encasing your product in the polycarbonate the Inhalator ensures no combustion only vapor.

With a variable temperature setting on the base you can slowly increase the temperature within the chamber or if you prefer a denser vapor quickly bring the chamber of the vaporizer upto a higher temperature almost immediately. The battery used is a lithium ion battery that has a capacity for upto 12 cycles with each cycle lasting 15 minutes unless interrupted.

All in all a very nice portable pocket Vaporizer recommended by the EDiT Crew.

Note: Available in Black, Red and White. See dropdown for availability.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Inhalator
Width 21mm
Material Acrylic
Power Batteries, Battery
Compatibility Dry Herb, Oil, Wax
Adjustable Temperature Variable
Temperature Control Analogue
Inhalation Method Direct
Vaporization Method Conduction
Color Black, Red, White
Display LED, None
Height 141mm
Mouthpiece Acrylic, Acrylic
Type Batteries, Portable