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Kingsize Futurola Rolling Machine

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This is without a doubt, the best, most efficient rolling machine you will use in your life!
The Futurola is the ideal tool for rolling a perfectly conical... errr... cigarette. :-)
All you need to do is fill the roller with the ingredients of your choice, add a smoking paper, and within seconds you'll have the perfect roll.
Stylish design, ideal for beginners & experts alike.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Dimensions 130mm x 42mm x 30mm (Works with 110mm King Size smoking paper)
Weight Info 60g
Brand Futurola
Length 121mm
Width 21mm
Material Acrylic
Color Black, Silver
Height 41mm


Great RollerReview by jamiethm
Excellent Rolling Machine, which is so easy to roll.... produces an excellent cigarette/joint every time! (Posted on 11/4/2009)
Futurola for lifeReview by stefan.ward
this thing is amazing, really, its so simple to use and it packs everything perfectly for a fantastic J.

I must say that i am having problems rolling a Cone Shape. This would be the only negative thing i would have to say about this product and if anyone could help me figure out how to roll a cone using the futurola please write a review answering me..

all that said this is a must buy item for the shaky handed people, the lazy people, or the people who just cant get that roll right all the way up to the expert rollers. (Posted on 10/1/2009)
GREAT FOR ALLReview by englander.henry
I have yet to meet someone who isn't amazed by the standard of this machine- hardcore smokers and beginners alike are always taken aback by how good the 'cigarettes' are. I would never argue in favour of giving up traditional rolling but for the impatient beginner or somewhat 'dizzy' **cough** pro, this thing is perfect. It rolls fat, slow burning, tightly packed cigs every time.
I would like to say however that they can sometimes take a little wearing in. The first time I used mine it took about 10 goes to get it rolling completely smoothly- so don't give up on it! Once you get the back mat going up and the front one down, the Futurola will become your new best friend!
On a final note, many of my friends who bought the futurola complained that it was rolling in a bizarre shape. This was purely because they were putting the filter in the wrong end. Push the matt down into the roller and you will notice that one side is higher- put the roach here!
Overall- despite slightly high price (6 quid would be better) FANTASTIC PRODUCT!! (Posted on 7/31/2009)
Futurola Kingsize.Review by nick-nw
Well I can roll, but this thing rolls better. It rolls joint perfectly every time, as long, short, fat or thing as you want it. Took me a couple of goes to get the hang of it, but after that it's simple. Roach in, mix in, spread mix, close rollers and turn, insert paper and turn, lick and turn, open and voila, a perfect joint in less than a minute. The one slight flaw is that it loses a tiny bit of herb when you turn it, but I'm talking like a couple of tiny crumbs. 4 stars, not 5 because I think maybe ú6 is a more fair price. (Posted on 7/27/2008)
Almost brilliantReview by surfer_rosa_
If you can't roll, this is essential. If you can but get lazy/lose hand-eye coordination after a spliff or two, it's also essential. Rolls a perfect cone first time, everytime which is more than can be said for my cheapo Rizla machine.

Two reservations however: a tenner is a tad steep for this (it isn't four times as good or indeed four times as well built as my ú2.50 Rizla machine) and after 6 months' daily use, it now clogs and refuses to budge at the slightest provocation despite a good clean. Ah well, a replacement mat is only ú2 and I'd be truly lost without it. (Posted on 4/23/2008)
decentReview by jaynewsham
this product is great for when your way to stoned to roll a joint

just popped one about 10 mins with a cherry rolling paper.. LOVE IT (Posted on 4/2/2008)
GreatttttttReview by best.sellers1
I have both the mini and the King size Futurola. The king size was faulty and replaced by a new one...THANKS EDIT. I don't know how to roll, but with this it's very easy. Just put a roach, the stuff and roll. Very nice made.

The first few will not come as good as you except but then you will do the most perfect cigarette you ever done. (Posted on 12/29/2006)
WOW!Review by chrmm
This is really good!
The first two I made looked like slim 100's cigarettes, but on the third try I realised its crucial to roll both of the weelers at the same time!


You should put it in your shopping cart right away, its that good! (Posted on 12/8/2006)
WOOOOOO!!!!Review by joker2206
WOW!! This machine is amazing! I had doubts about it because friends saying that rolling machines dont work but they were wrong... The first time i used it, it was a well good roll! If you cant roll then this is definately for you!!!! (if i could give more then 5 stars then i would!) (Posted on 4/29/2006)
WOWOWOWOWOWReview by wee_man47
this is amazing!! took me about 5 minutes to roll 5 PERFECT JOINTS!!! (Posted on 4/28/2006)
Ohh my...Review by leandropsy
This machine is absolutely amazing... Ohh man... I really don?t have the words...

You HAVE to have this... How could I live without this so many time?! (Posted on 2/9/2006)
Great!Review by benmurphy44
This thing is fantastic. I don't know about you but as the night goes on and the more I've had the harder I find it is to roll a decent one. This thing rolls them consistantly each time.

The first time you use it you might have a problem because its new and the mat needs broken in, but stick with it - its worth it.

The mat is deeper in one end so it means you can have a slightly 'cone' shaped end product every time.

Don't keep telling yourself that rolling machines pack it too tightly, this one is superb.

Everyone should have one. (Posted on 8/14/2005)
VERY impressiveReview by madhatterrecords
The 1st time i used it i didnt have a clue how to use it, but looking at the video on this site helped alot, and my second attempt was ALOT better, it rolled the BEST, and all u do it put a roach and "product" in ans slot a paper down the middle and DONE. (Posted on 2/26/2005)
AMAZING!Review by boueuf
This thing is AMAZING, it is perfect and SO easy to use i would really recommend as the 'cigarettes' are so tightly packed and perfect every time! (Posted on 8/23/2004)

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