Mini Beaker Base Double Barrel Perc Blue | Roor Tech

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The Mini Beaker Base Double Barrel Perc Bong from Roor Tech is not to be underestimated. Standing at 19 inches tall, this piece features all the necessities. The ice notches hold your ice at the right spot, and the splash guard prevents water from getting too close for comfort. Double barrel percolators combined with the diffused downstem result in a supremely smooth smoke.


  • Two (2) Barrel Chamber Percs

  • 18.8mm Female Ground Joint

  • 18.8mm Male Bowl Slide

  • X-Cut Grid Removable Downstem

  • Ice Notches

  • Splash Guard

  • Blue Roor Tech Logo


Double Percolators

Combined with the downstem diffuser, the two incredible barrel chamber percolators equipped in the piece offer the user one of the smoothest hits around. Working in tandem, these highly functional percolators provide great diffusion. As the smoke rises into the lower barrel, it increases in surface area and cools down significantly. Due to the suction, the smoke rises again into the second chamber where the whole process reoccurs with the second barrel percolator.

Splash Guard

As the barrel percs cause an immense bubbling effect, it’s important to make sure that the water does not bounce around and escape out of the mouthpiece. To eliminate this, Roor Tech inserts a splash guard in between the percs and mouthpiece. This helps stops water from escaping and ensures the user a fantastic water-free bong hit.

Ice Notches

Roor Tech includes the popular 3-pinch ice notch design just above the splash guard for extra frosty bong hits. Simply place a few ice cubes down into the compartment and inhale the frosty goodness. As the smoke passes through the compartment, it cools down the temperature significantly.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Dimensions 483mm x 121mm approx. 19" x 4.75"
Weight Info 1110g approx. 39oz
Diffuser Gridded
Brand Roor Tech
Width 121mm
Logo Color Blue
Height 481mm
Special Features Ice Notches, Splash Guard
Percolator Barrel
Mouthpiece Straight
Joint Female
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Beaker
Type Bongs