OCB Automatic Rolling Box

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The OCB Automatic Rolling Box is the perfect device for rolling your own perfect cigarettes. With a stainless steel mechanism and high-quality roller, this rolling box may well be the best there is.

OCB are known for their extremely high quality rolling papers, and this Automatic Rolling Box now eliminates the occasionally bodged hand-rolleds and delivers a perfect smoke every time.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Dimensions 90mm x 83mm x 23mm
Weight Info 115g
Brand OCB
Length 81mm
Width 21mm
Material Metal, Stainless Steel
Rolling machines Box
Color Silver
Height 81mm
Type Boxes, Rolling Stations / Trays


Perfect rolling buddyReview by Jared71789
This thing rolls perfect joints once you get used to rolling with it. It can even be used to store papers and herbs which is extremely convenient. This box doesnt use normal size papers, but the slightly smaller ones (I forget the exact size in mm).

The only bad thing Ive found about this box is that if you put in too much stuff to be rolled, the metal rails on either side will bend when youre pressing the box closed, rather than roll your fatty joint.

All in all, its definitely a great roller and well worth the money. (Posted on 7/18/2008)
Great and hella convenient...Review by th3boy
Well, i do not have the OCB one, instead i have a Zen one. I purchased it in the local fleemarket headshop for $18 USD. got it home and instanly i had my grinder do'n what it does best and before you knew it, i had a mess... the instructions tell you to put in the wacky tobaccy then the paper, wrong, put the paper in slightly and then add your tobaccy and roach. Only thing left is to close it and it pops out the slot, perfectly rolled and ready for action. TIP: Use a decent amount of your tobaccy when rolling, as being cheap will result in a loose smoke. also, the cone option is not here, but would be a great upgrade, so you need a roach the same diameter as the smoke. a regular cig filter should give you an idea of thickness. great product that i will definitly recommend. (Posted on 6/3/2008)

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