Discover The Best Bongs Of 2021 - Review & Buyer Guide

Whether you’re a veteran toker or a novice smoker, adding a new bong to your collection is exciting. Bong’s provide a unique smoking experience, eliminating the dry heat experienced with joints and blunts. The water helps in the cooling process, filtering the smoke for smooth and tasty hits.

If you find yourself reading this you are likely interested in buying a bong. It can be difficult to know where to begin looking. This is where we come in. We appreciate that in a market flooded with an abundance of choices, it can be overwhelming. 

Bong’s come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come made of different materials and have different functions. From classical familiar varieties to quirky stand-out alternatives, we’re showcasing the best of the best.

Needless to say, whatever your preference, there is a bong out there with your name on it.

We’ve compiled a list of the best bongs of 2021 for different criteria aiming to help you elevate your smoking experience. We’ll go through the benefits of each style of bong, and provide the best bong within that category with a full breakdown of features and specifications.

Best Bongs For Beginners

If you’re new to the world of bongs, finding the best suited to you seems impossible, right? Endless options and varieties of bong make the decision even harder. You’re probably looking for a good entry point: something simple, with great function, and for a great price. 


Diamond Glass Fixed Downstem Mini Beaker Bong


The Diamond Glass Fixed Downstem Mini beaker bong is the perfect choice for any beginner. The beaker shaped base allows for a sturdier experience than other varieties. Its 8.5-inch height makes it perfect for somebody new to bong rips; providing perfectly sized hits every time. The mouthpiece is available in two color options (black and jade), for a truly customizable experience. Extra-strong glass makes this superbly durable, while the transparent nature of the glass leaves nothing to the imagination.

Price - For $75, this basic beaker bong is the ultimate entry point into the bong world. It’s small, pleasing on the eye, and operates similarly to some of the best bongs on the market.


  • The Diamond Glass fixed downstem mini beaker water pipe features a 14mm female joint, including a 14mm male bowl, too. The ice catcher is an amazing feature; helping to cool the smoke expertly before inhalation. The downstem is fixed, so cleaning is made easy for those with less experience in doing so. It features diffusers at the bottom which helps disperse the smoke for an even smoother experience.
$75 $56.25
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Best Percolator Bongs

If you haven’t heard of percolators before, you’ll be an expert after reading this guide. Percolators play a vital role in ensuring that you’re getting the perfect smoking experience. They are featured in the very best bongs on the market today, diffusing and cooling smoke after water filtration for an unparalleled experience. 


Diamond Glass 14” UFO Perc Beaker Bong


Diamond Glass has created some of the best bongs on the market today. Their glasswork is second-to-none, and the 14” UFO Perc beaker is no exception. Boasting intricacy and luxury in both design and function. The bong is 14” tall, with a 4.5” wide base, and a 5” downstem. The downstem features a 14mm female joint to which there is a corresponding 14mm bowl. The 14” UFO Perc beaker bong is available in blue and green.

Price - At just $180, a strong borosilicate glass bong with expert function has never been such a steal.


  • As you may have guessed from its name, this bong features a UFO percolator. This percolator has a dual function as a splash guard, too. Its bulbous shape prevents any unwanted drawback as you inhale. As the smoke passes by, the percolator helps to disperse and cool. Working in harmony with this is the ice-catcher. Your already-cool vapor passes the ice for further cooling, emphasizing the taste of your material.
  • It doesn’t stop there, though. The mouthpiece has a larger diameter than the tube, preventing any lost vapor.
$180 $135
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Best Value Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are no different from traditional, straight-tube bongs in function. They boast a scientific aesthetic due to their beaker-shaped base. This base provides a greater surface area than other bongs. Greater surface area means there is less risk of damage and more possibilities for surfaces to use them from. 


Grav Labs 16” Beaker Water Pipe with Fixed Downstem


Grav Labs never fail to amaze with their glasswork, and this bong is up there with the best. This beaker water pipe is perfect for those looking for a powerful piece. Its 16” height and durable borosilicate glass make it perfect for at-home sessions with friends.

Grav Labs pride themselves on their glasswork. The borosilicate glass and beaker base create a scientific-like experience for your experiment. This 16-inch water pipe creates beautifully flavorful hits for you to enjoy time and time again. 

Price - Priced at $139, Grav Labs have beautifully combined affordability and operation with this beauty.


  • It features a fission downstem that is fixed inside the base to avoid breakages; filtering the water for the coolest hits you could want. The Grav Labs 16” beaker bong has a 14mm female joint, with a 14mm Cup Bowl included.
$165.99 $111.99
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Most Iconic Straight-Tube Bongs

Straight-tube bongs are designed as you would expect. The tube is the same diameter at the base as it is at the mouthpiece, with the bowl often angled at 45 degrees. Usually, on the taller side, straight-tube bongs allow for features such as ice pinches and percolators to elevate your experience. 


Grav Labs 12” Straight Tube Bong with Fixed Downstem


Grav Labs are the self-proclaimed ‘scientific glass company’ located in Austin, Texas. Established as a household name in the glassware industry, Grav Labs are the best of the best. The 12” Flared Water Pipe epitomizes the hard work and dedication of the Grav Labs team. It is expertly designed to portray a luxurious aesthetic and flawless function. When it comes to convenience, it doesn’t get better than this. The straight tube design allows for water to easily be poured into the bong. Load up the bowl, and you’re ready to go! Simple!

Price - This bong retails at $129.99 - a steal for glassware of this quality that’ll never let you down.


  • The straight tube flared water pipe features an ice catcher. Placing ice cubes in your bong will allow for the smoke to be cooled before inhalation. This works in unison with the multi-slit diffuser to filter the smoke through the water before being cooled by the ice. The result is a smoother, tastier, more enjoyable experience. This bong comes with a 14.5mm female joint, accompanied by a male bowl.
  • An experience of pure luxury is amplified by the collectors’ case which oozes extravagance delivered through a 14mm female joint.
$149.99 $129.99
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Best Value Silicone Bongs

Let’s face it, we can all be clumsy from time to time. The heartbreaking moment that you’re glass bong smashes into a million pieces - sound familiar? Something you can relate to? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

For those who can’t face the tragic loss of yet another pricey glass bong; there’s a solution.


PieceMaker Kahuna Silicone Water Pipe


The silicone used to create the body, downstem, and cap is of the highest quality. It’s able to withstand heat, so no need to worry about inhaling any toxic fumes with this beauty. Its material eradicates the fear of any cracks or breakages thanks to its durability.

It’s the tallest silicone water pipe on the market. It stands at 21.5 inches tall meaning you’ll be able to produce some majorly hefty rips.

Price - So if you’re looking at the $125.99 price tag skeptically, maybe you need some reassurance? Trust us, does not disappoint. 


  • The PieceMaker Kahuna silicone bong is an excellent choice for those searching for quality and endurance. Featuring many of the features we’ve come to expect from glass bongs such as ice catchers; it’s expertly crafted. The Hex-Tek percolator and ice pinch work in harmony to filter and cool the smoke, leaving you with smooth and flavorful rips.
  • The price is reflective of the quality, and this bong is of the highest class available on the market.
$125.99 $51.99
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Best Value Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are the oldest form of the bong, with the first remnants found notably B.C. In 2021 there’s still a lot to be said for ceramic bongs. They’re durable, functionally they’re great, and are available at attractive prices. Typically much simpler in design and function than their glass counterparts - they are a perfect choice for anyone looking for great quality on a budget.


Aurora Water Pipe


My Bud Vase has conquered the market when it comes to dual-function bongs. Their entire collection features top-quality ceramic bongs which are also vases. The Aurora water pipe is inspired by the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Its ceramic exterior boasts all the beautiful colors and lustrous patterns we associate with the Northern Lights.

Price - For $120 you’d expect to either purchase a beautiful vase or a great bong. Thanks to My Bud Vase, with the Aurora water pipe you get both for the price of one.


  • Perfect for any mantelpiece or coffee table, this vase bong is extraordinary. It features a 10mm rubber grommet joint at 45 degrees. The joint itself is female with a diameter of 10mm and included you’ll find the corresponding male bowl. The flared mouthpiece will prevent any smoke from escaping, so you get the most out of your chosen material. Meanwhile, the removable downstem makes the cleaning process that little bit easier.
$120 $78
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Best 3D Printed Bongs

Sustainability and environmentally friendly production are epitomized by the 3D printing process. The entire process allows for 90% of materials to be effectively utilized, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. 


Kayd Mayd 9” Beaker


Standing at just 9-inches tall, it’s perfect for sitting at home and taking on the go! 

An amazing feature of 3D printed products is their customizability, and this 9-inch Kayd Mayd bong is no exception. It is available in multiple color options and is extremely durable due to its shatter-resistant 3D-printed material.

Price - At just $39.99, this bong is a fun and affordable addition to anyone's smoking collection. 


  • The Kayd Mayd 9-inch beaker bong is a beautifully designed piece of art. Its 3D printed nature allows for intricate detailing which is difficult to replicate manually. This is embodied by its built-in ice catcher, built-in lighter holster, and glass diffused downstem. The female joint is 14mm, and in the box, you’ll also receive a 14mm herb glass slide.
$39.99 $31.99
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Best Bongs for Animal Lovers

So maybe you’re an animal lover who shares our passion for bongs. If this sounds like it refers to you, we have something for you. Combine your passions with a bong with an animal-inspired design. Perfect for showing off to your friends, or to use as a household ornament; these bongs add a fun twist to your smoking experience. 


Empire Glassworks Panda Family Mini Bong


Perfect for any animal lover: the bong features a family of panda’s. The intricately designed glass pandas are placed all over the bong with 5 in total. You will also notice a Yin-Yang and glass bamboo. 

The Panda Family Mini Bong is one of many examples of brilliance by Empire Glassworks. It boasts applaudable durability and a well-crafted design that we’ve come to expect by Empire Glassworks.

Price - It retails at $179.99 - a reasonable price for a bong of this standard. 


  • All aspects of the Panda family mini bong are made from extra strong borosilicate glass including the 14mm female joint. For those who don’t know, this is exactly what you want to hear. The quality of this bong is exceptional.
$180 $144
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Best Bongs for Food Lovers

If you’re a true foodie, you’ll probably already feel a connection between food and the use of your bong. In 2021, it’s possible to get bongs with pretty much any design you can think of, so why not food inspired bongs? Intricate, realistic designs and expert functions are boasted by high-end food-style bongs. 


Empire Glassworks Chocolate Cookie Sundae Mini Bong


Yet another beauty from the guys at Empire Glassworks. When it comes to creativity, they are leading the way. This detailed beauty stands at 8-inches tall with a 14mm female joint. 

Bong Appetit! The Chocolate Cookie Sundae Mini Bong will satisfy your sweet cravings. 

It is made up of scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate chips, with an oreo-type cookie to crown it off. Its mouthpiece is designed like a straw at the top of the sundae, situated at 45 degrees.

Price - It’s on the pricier side at $225.00, but this Cookie Monster Sundae Mini Bong is worth every penny. Its smoke is cool and smooth, and its design makes it coffee table-ready to show off to your friends.


  • Of course, it features a showerhead percolator. We know all about them by now….think cool, sweet, and tasty hits time and time again. The delicate design and stunning function create a delicious smoke that’ll have you coming back for more. The cookie monster sundae sits on top of a transparent glass base and perc.
$239.99 $191.99
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Best Girly Bongs

If you’ve made it this far, you will know about nearly every type of bong available on the market. But what about those designed for the female stoners out there? You guessed it, we’ve got you covered. 


Kayd Mayd Cottonmouth Multi Bubble Rig


The Cottonmouth Multi Bubble Base bong is the ultimate piece of girly-paraphernalia for your collection. Its strong 3D printed plastic material makes it durable, complemented by its intricate and impressive design. At 7 inches tall, this bong is perfectly transportable.

The mouthpiece angled away from the bowl and is the perfect length to keep your face away from any undesirable heat. 

Price - The 3D printing process provides a personalized aspect to owning this bong, with no two base design patterns being the same. Yours will be truly unique. At $32.99, this bong is a perfect companion for any female connoisseurs out there.


  • The joint is 14mm and the perfect sized bowl allows for punchy and satisfying rips. This 3D printed masterpiece is a true show stopper. It features a glass diffused downstem, as well as a glass herb slide, too.
  • If you did need any more convincing, the Multi Bubble Cottonmouth bong is very simple to clean and maintain. Simply rinse out the Surfrider with warm water and/or isopropyl alcohol to avoid any staining.
$32.99 $26.39
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Most Stylish Interior Design Bongs

In today’s market, you’d expect to be able to find bongs with dual function. I mean, it’s possible with nearly any other product, so why not a bong too?

Maybe you’re a passionate bong hit-lover searching for a new household ornament? We’ve got you covered. There is an array of options available, of which we’ve chosen our favorite below. 


My Bud Vase "Burmëse" Water Pipe


In true Burmese-inspired fashion, this Bud Vase bong is beautifully crafted. At 11-inches tall, t’s exterior boasts a lavish black and gold porcelain snakeskin design, while its gold-rim mouthpiece oozes luxury.

Perfectly acting as the show-stopping centerpiece to light up your interiors! The base is a wider diameter to the tube and mouthpiece at 7.5-inches for a sturdier, stress-free experience.

Price - Luxury design and top-quality function as a water pipe do come at a price. The Burmese by My Bud Vase retails at $250.


  • The bong comes with a velvet cherry blossom spray for use as an ornament, which is easily removed to use the water pipe function of this piece. It comes equipped with a large male bowl, which is removable and easy to clean.
  • The ceramic material can withstand heat and allows for placing the Burmese in the dishwasher to clean it, so it’ll be like new for each session! If that wasn’t enough, you can also place the Burmese in the freezer just before use to cool the smoke and produce smoother hits!
$250 $200
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Best Bongs Under $100

With the current global situation, we’re all facing challenging times. Budgets are tighter, and getting the best value for money is more important now than ever. If you’re searching for a high-quality product at an affordable price, you’re in luck. We’ve chosen what we believe to be the best quality bong for under $100 for those looking to ball on a budget! 


“Monica” Water Pipe by My Bud Vase


The Monica Water Pipe is another strike of genius by My Bud Vase. This water pipe has a dual function as a mantelpiece vase and a herb bong. The eloquent design features a white base acting as the vase. There is a 9mm female joint on the size which connects to the downstem. There is a bouquet of porcelain pink flowers that fits into the mouthpiece of the vase when not being used as a bong.

Price - For those looking for subtlety combined with flawless function, look no further. The Monica Water Pipe is available for $80, making it affordable too!


  • The downstem of the Monica water pipe carries the smoke from the bowl to the water-filled base. It helps to filter the water and provide an excellent smoking experience.
$80 $60
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Best Party Bongs

What makes a great party bong? You’re going to want something big enough to produce huge rips, so a big bowl is also a must. In party sessions, things can get a little clumsy from time to time, so something with great endurance too. Finally, your party piece should have the wow-factor to impress all your friends. 


Killer Bongs ‘The Ripper’


This mammoth 19-inch tall produces huge rips that will test the lung capacity of even the most seasoned professional. Ideal for passing around between your friends, the acrylic material will allow for some clumsiness in those hectic party environments. The downstem, bowl, base, and mouthpiece are a blood-red color typical of Killer Bongs products. The Ripper is named after famous serial killer ‘Jack the Ripper’ and the design brings through this sinister inspiration. 

Price - The Ripper can be yours for just $49, and will serve as the ultimate party piece for your sessions! It’s durable, stylish, and perfect for sharing. 


  • The super-long straight tube ‘Ripper’ bong features multiple twists, perfect for stacking multiple ice cubes to cool your smoke as much as possible before each inhalation. These also act as splash guards to prevent any unwanted water drawbacks with your filtered smoke. Purely due to its height, the amount of ice the Ripper can hold leaves users with clean, smooth, and tasty hits to pass around and share.
$69.99 $49.99
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Best Ice Bong


Diamond Glass 13” Classic Beaker Bong


The 13” classic beaker bong by Diamond Glass is a classic on the market. Its name is suggestive of its function and design. It has stripped back the bong to its most basic, classic form. Doing so allowed Diamond Glass to perfect the function of this masterpiece. Beaker style bongs are renowned for their stability and durability, and this bong is no exception. Standing at 13” tall with 5mm thick glass, the 13” classic beaker oozes luxury and quality.

Price - For £120.00, you’d struggle to find a better ice bong than this for the price!


  • The 14mm bowl connects to a removable downstem making cleaning easier and reducing the risk of damage. The ice pinch is located just above the beaker base. Once the smoke has begun the process of water diffusion it is cooled by the ice for smooth, cool rips. It also features a flared mouthpiece for an airtight seal to prevent any of your smoke from escaping!
$120 $90
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Best Gravity Bongs


Grav Labs Gravitron Gravity Bong


When Grav Labs create any glassware, we know to expect the best. The Gravitron gravity bong is the first of its kind by Grav Labs. It’s made completely out of glass, standing at 11” tall. Its design is both luxurious and functional, making it easy to use for those who’ve never used a gravity bong before. Simply fill your bowl with dry herbs, light it and slowly pull the bottle out of the water while it fills with smoke. To take your hit, push the bottle back down into the water having removed the bowl from the mouthpiece.

Price - As we’ve come to expect from Grav Labs, quality comes at affordable prices. In this case, for $55.00, you can’t go wrong!


  • The 12mm female joint is compatible with a 12mm male bowl that is included. The Gravitron gravity bong operates best with flowers. The glass bottle holds roughly 8-inches of water. This is great news for those chasing the biggest rips - you won’t get bigger than this! Smoke from the bowl is filtered through the water for a smoother experience too!
$80 $55
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Best Honeycomb Bongs


Grav Labs 12” Flared Water Pipe with Honeycomb Disc


Yep, you know it….Grav Labs again! These guys never disappoint. The 12” flared water pipe is a straight tube bong with a twist. It’s 12-inches tall and features a wide 3.5-inch base which provides stability. It’s made using the finest, most-durable borosilicate glass. The strong glass is transparent, so you’ll be able to watch every process of your bong hits unfold.

Price - Ice bongs have become the go-to choice for anyone seeking the coolest hits from their bong. At £119.99, they don’t come much better than this.


  • The show-stopping feature of this beast is undoubtedly the honeycomb percolator. For those unfamiliar with honeycomb percs, they provide the function of any percolator. Where it differs is its shape: the honeycomb. The honeycomb disc shape breaks your smoke up into tiny bubbles, maximizing surface area. This allows the smoke to cool as much as possible, very quickly, too. It’ll then pass the geometric ice catch in the middle of the tube for further cooling.
$139.99 $119.99
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Best Bongs Over $200


Grav Labs 8” Android Water Pipe


They’re back again. The Grav Labs 8-inch is a combination of two popular smoking devices: a bong, and a dab rig. It is stunningly designed to cater for both preferences, and does so expertly. The side dedicated to dabbing connects to a natural percolator. While the side optimized for bong hits connects to an inline percolator, specifically for dry herbs. Standing at just 8-inches tall, with an extra-wide base for stability, the design is flawless. 

Price - For the smoking enthusiasts out there, it’s fair to want more than one method of consumption in your collection. This can be expensive, though. Grav Labs have solved this issue for you. Seamlessly combining a dab rig and a bong, for just £299.99.


  • The concentrate side features a quartz nail for flawless dabs every time. Both the flower and concentrate side connect to percolators. These both act in cooling the smoke produced from your chosen material, elevating your experience.
$399.99 $299.99
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Best Bongs over $300


Empire Glassworks Rocket Ship Bong


The Rocket Ship by Empire Glassworks is one of the most impressive bongs on the market today. Staying true to its inspiration, its design is reminiscent of a Rocket, but it doesn’t end there. It stands at 9.5inches, 
Anyone familiar with Empire Glassworks will know the quality of their work. With no shortcuts taken anywhere in the process, they create high-class glass paraphernalia. 
Following the exact process used by NASA to fuse materials together, they combine glass to micro-layers of metal oxides.

Price - This is a luxury bong for the most passionate bong smoking astronomers out there. It retails at $350 reflective of its quality and craft. This price tag makes it an extremely extravagant purchase that will be by your side for years.


  • The 14mm female joint sits at a 45-degree angle and holds the galactic design bowl. The Empire Glassworks Rocket Ship bong features a honeycomb percolator. We know all about them by now! If you’re searching for the smoothest bong rips possible, look no further. The honeycomb percolator will filter and cool your smoke expertly for an unforgettable experience!
$350 $315
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Best Bongs for Man


Julian Bong by Trailer Park Boys


The Trailer Park boys are back with another signature piece. The Julian Bong is 12-inches tall, shaped like a traditional straight tube bong. Now, you may be thinking straight tube bongs are a bit boring and simple. Simple? Yes. Boring? No. This bong is expertly crafted by Trailer Park Boys to provide an unrivaled smoking experience. Simple is no bad thing when executed to perfection! The Julian Bong is a combination of transparent glass and white-colored glass. The white tube features the classic Trailer Park Boys Logo, while the clear base features a cartoon image of the man himself. 

Price - Retailing at $139.99, the Julian Bong is the ultimate purchase for the male smokers out there. Expect nothing but cool aesthetics and unbeatable rips.


  • The Julian Bong features a diffused downstem which aids the cooling process emphasized by the ice pinch. Both of these features work together in harmony to provide satisfyingly cool rips for users. It features a 14mm herb bowl that fits perfectly onto the corresponding 14mm female joint attached to the downstem.
$149.99 $75
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The Best Bongs of 2021 - Final Thoughts

Thanks to the ever-growing industry, there are increasing amounts of top-quality products available on the market. We’ve showcased the best bongs of 2021 available to buy online. Whether you’re looking for cheap, durable, entry-level bongs or high-end, luxury, and intricately designed models; if you’re reading this you’ve seen it all.

There is something for everyone, and the bongs on this list will have your 2021 smoking experience elevated to new heights!