Best Dab Rigs and E Nails 2022

Now that 2022 is upon us and the state of the dabbing industry is on fire more than ever, we at Everyone Does It feel compelled to give you the real state of things by listing the top  dab rigs , bubblers, and e rigs to watch out for. 

To compile this list of the best dab rigs and portable electric rigs, we referenced the best of the best, the ones with terrific temperature control, heat settings, and overall user-friendliness and affordability, whether it is an e-rig with brand new tech or a classic, traditional dab rig.

Let's take a look at what 2022 has in store for us as we highlight the best dab rigs that this industry has to offer.


Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro one of the most sought after, coveted, and loved portable electric dab rigs on the market today.

The glass cone, now well known at this point, is known to be the source of some of the best dab hits you are going to get on the market.

This is an advanced, modern, yet user friendly piece of hardware that is an essential part of any dab rig and e rig collection.

Key Features

Bluetooth compatibility

Amazing temperature control in real time

Wireless charging capability

Bluetooth Compatibility

With an electronic rig, you get some added perks, and the Puffco Pro's unique one is that it has bluetooth capabilities. Enjoy changing digital display and temperature presets, controlling the length of your dab sessions, and making your hits tailored to perfection.

In-Sessions Temperature control

It is not often that you are able to adjust temperature settings within a session, but that is part of why the Puffco Peak Pro is special. Get your ideal temperature settings and maximize your quality vapor production with this feature.

Wireless Charging

Make no mistake, the Puffco Peak's battery deserves to be bragged about. With the capacity to last for 30 sessions, you are already in pretty good hands with this battery. That's a hell of a lot better than your classic analog dab rigs, which are great in their own right, but miss the mark in terms of efficiency.

With the power dock, you can charge your Puffco anytime, anywhere.


Dr. Dabber Switch

This iconic, dual action e-rig is built for versatility, with the ability to have dry herb vapor production alongside concentrates and waxes. The  Dr Dabber Switch has an extremely reliable battery, very dependable vapor production, and highly accurate heat settings.

With an attention to detail and a durable, modern design, the Switch by Dr. Dabber is the best example of a modern electric dab rig that is fit for the long haul.

Key Features

Induction Heating Element

Heavy Duty Battery Life

Personalized Temperature Calibration

Induction Heating Element:

Interestingly, this is one of the few electric rigs out there that boasts induction heating. Induction heating is a contactless form of heating that is far more efficient and quick. So quick in fact, that no other vaporizer can truly compete with the lightning quick 4-second heat up time.

This means that sessions and overall experience are streamlined well enough to keep you loyal to the Switch. And with such fast heat-up times, sessions are a breeze.

Heavy Duty Battery Life:

Fresh batteries and removable batteries are great and all, but the real test of a battery's quality is how long it will last you, regardless of whether it can be removed from the body of your vaporizer.

Well, with Dr. Dabber's Switch, you get one of the most powerful and high quality batteries on the market, lasting a whopping 150 hits. This means you are looking for about a week's worth of battery life for the moderate user.

Personalized Temperature Calibration:

It is never fun to feel hamstrung by temperature presets that do not meet your needs or desires for your sessions. But with the Switch, you get 25 different temperature presets, far and away one of the more detail oriented dab rigs out there.

This means you are far more likely to feel comfortable with several of these presets instead of being rigidly forced to pick between a mere 3-5 presets that are either too strong or too delicate, with no Goldilocks preset to meet your comfort level.With the Switch, all the best options are available to you and then some.


Puffco Peak

With three temperature settings and the universally loved sesh mode, the original Puffco Peak still turns heads in 2022. If you love concentrates, you will find a lot to love about the Puffco Peak. It easily hits its marks and satisfies most who come across it.

Key Features

Sesh Mode

Four temperature presets

Innovative Design

Sesh Mode

Ah, sesh mode, the hallmark of Puffco. With the original, you get a 15 second blast of continuous heat fired at your atomizer. During this time, enjoy unlimited hits with your friends, with hits smooth as butter.

4 Different Temperature Presets

Options are great, and when it comes to temperature, these are your options for the Puffco Peak:

Blue (450 Fahrenheit)

Green (500 Fahrenheit)

Red (550 Fahrenheit)

White (600 Fahrenheit)

With these options, you get a say in what you want your session to feel like. On the lower end of the spectrum, get the flavor and aroma you are craving. On the higher end, get those famous fluffy clouds that Puffco is known for.

Innovative Design

We are big fans of the design of the Puffco Peak. Tasteful, modern, and sleek, with the glass cone and compact size pointing to the amount of care and quality you get with the Puffco. This does not necessarily eliminate the level of power you get with this rig either.


Pulsar Hand E Nail

If you have ever operated a 1 button device, you know that there is a lot of mileage involved with the simplest operation systems. Imagine heating up the Pulsar e-nail with the simple pressing of a button, propelling you anywhere from 650° F to 1000° F.

That's the exact kind of power any experienced user would want from an E Nail like the Pulsar. This sleek e nail comes with a ceramic nail and works with titanium and quartz nails as well.

Key Features


Temperature Settings

Great Battery Power

The Portability You Have Been Looking For

The Pulsar is a very light weight type of rig, and this can go a long way in terms of portability and bringing this advanced, easy to use rig with you wherever you go. This rig comes with a carrying case for your convenience. Oh, and no torch needed, which is a welcome development to those of us out there who are often annoyed with that particular process.

Temperature settings

Although there are technically 3 temperature settings on the Pulsar, the one button operation (hit the button 3 times to heat it) is a hallmark of convenience for this vape. In addition, you are already starting from a place of significant heat; temperatures start around 650° F.

These temperatures are already hot enough to give you amazing, invigorating rips, but for a smoother hit, you can get a lovely experience by just keeping it at the first setting and seeing what happens.

A Quality Dab Rig With Terrific Battery Power

This v3 e nail gives you a lovely 2500 mAh battery, a high powered piece of tech that will ensure your experience with the Pulsar lasts the entire day. When it does finally run out, you are only looking at an hour and a half for charging.


Eyce Dab Rig 2

if you are clumsy, worry not. And if you are concerned about the silicon tainting the experience, you do not have to worry about that either. The Eyce Silicone is heat resistant, so you will get the same temperature and cooling as with any other glass rig.

Oh, and take advantage of the wax and concentrate container for sessions on the go. With the Eyce, enjoy the following:

Key Features

Titanium Nail

Silicone Casing

Wide Array of Color Options

Titanium Nail

While ceramic dab nails will do a great job maintaining flavor, and a quartz nail will ensure more well-rounded heating up, it is the titanium nail, luckily featured on your Eyce rig, that strikes an impressive balance.

And this is no small feat, especially since Eyce was focused on making an affordable dab rig. Most quality dab rigs will find a way to keep the cost down, but Eyce hit its mark with its focus on safety and efficiency.

Silicone Design

Eyce is a proud pioneer of silicone models of their rigs, pipes, and bongs. This helps Eyce stand apart from its competition, and honestly, the safety and security users get with a silicone model is nothing if not a market that is sorely underused.

Eyce uses perfectly safe silicone as well, so if you are concerned about burns entering your system and inflicting you with exposure to unhealthy chemicals, worry not. No toxins will be released here, and the glass mouthpiece adds an extra protective layer of cooling.

Cool Color Options

16 different color options further define the Eyce as one of the more versatile and fun rigs out there. From a sleek black (pictured above), to hot pink, to neon green, and even a tie dye style, you get a great collection of different colors to enjoy.


Kandypens Oura

The water cooling effect on some rigs is sometimes underrated and underestimated. Enter the Kandypens Oura. We love the water cooling effect here, making dab rips flavorful, smooth, and something your body and mind will look forward to.

Watch as the vapor passes through the water, giving you a clean rip with optimal flavor and pleasant, non harsh contact with the throat and lungs. And with a vast selection of shades and colors, this is one of the most personalizable e rigs.

Key Features

Atomizer choice

Sesh mode

Haptic Feedback

The Power of Atomizer Choice

You get the choice of a quartz atomizer and a ceramic atomizer when you choose your Kandypens Oura. These atomizers can suit your needs depending on what kind of vapor experience you are looking for.

A quartz atomizer will be highly efficient at a quick heat up time, making it useful for concentrate sessions where heat up times are quicker by necessity. A ceramic atomizer will be beneficial for even heating, better for a thinner consistency, and for great flavor.

Sesh Mode

This is a great feature of the Oura Pens. Sesh mode provides a mode of operation where your Kandypens Oura induces a consistent heating process for 60 seconds. This makes for great experiences during social settings so you can pass your Oura around and show everyone a great time.

Haptic Feedback

You will notice that there is no LED screen for the Oura. This, while perplexing at first glance, makes the Oura stand out. You will get a jolt of vibration when your Oura is temperature-primed. While some may prefer an LED system, others will love this feature. We deem the willingness to go against the grain one of the strengths of the Kandypens Oura.


Pulsar Rok

Even though the look of the Pulsar Rok is relatively familiar, it is a high quality, easy to love vaporizer that sports a great filtration system thanks to its highly effective percolator and overall great design.

The hits are delicious thanks to the beaker style base and percolator, and this will remain a hot seller throughout 2022.

Key Features

Disc Percolator

Rok Mode

Coil free quartz and ceramic cups

Disc Percolator

The disc percolator is integral to smooth, pleasant rips when operating the Pulsar Rok. It sits at the base of the beaker, dispersing water filtration throughout the base and giving you the most flavorful, quality rips you could ask for. This is a state of the art percolator, part of the trend of ever improving percs in the e-rig community.

Rok Mode

We love Rok Mode here at Everyone Does It, and this particular e rig feature really helps Pulsar stand out in the field of rigs. In all honesty, even the best e rig will not have a feature that lets it stand out like this.

Rok mode is simple: it keeps a 30 second blast of heat fixated on your bowl so that you can have a terrific session and share it with a friend or 2.

Coil less quartz cup and Ceramic Cup

With no coil and both quartz and ceramic cup, you can get the best of the concentrate world and the dried herb world. This empowers the Pulsar to be a truly versatile rig that will continue to serve a purpose no matter what mood you are in.


Eyce Spark Dab Rig

This is a very modern, very nice looking e rig by Eyce, with a silicone sleeve, lovely borosilicate glass, and a few little detailed touches that make it so special, like a hidden dab container and a cool looking LED strip that lights up the whole device.

Key Features

Silicone Sleeve Cover

Hidden Concentrate Container

Borosilicate Glass

Silicone Sleeve Cover

The silicone sleeve cover makes this an especially durable rig. Though there is glass on this rig, you do not have to worry as much about those bumps and shocks that are inevitable over time. Instead, you get a well designed, sturdy dab rig body.

Hidden Storage

Everyone Does It's fans love the little hidden storage container at the bottom that can discreetly store whatever material it is that you would rather keep to yourself. You do not see this too often in dab rig designs, so this was a welcome little surprise.

Borosilicate Glass

We talk a lot about borosilicate glass in the vaping and dab industry, and this is for good reason. This glass rarely fails anyone as it is thick, tough, and easy to clean. Combined with the silicone sleeve, this is one of the toughest devices out there.