Popeye Stemless Straight Tube Bong | Weed Star

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The Popeye Stemless Straight Tube Bong from Weed Star is sure to help with your spinach intake. Standing at just over 15 inches tall, the Popeye has quite a presence. Matching color accents adorn the base, as well as the neck tube. With two different percs working together, you’re sure to get some smooth smoke out of this water pipe. The 19mm female ground joints perfectly fits the included 19mm male slide bowl – no can opener needed!


  • 15 Inch Height

  • Stemless Design

  • 19mm Female Ground Joint

  • 19mm Male Slide Bowl

  • Honeycomb Percolator

  • Turbine Percolator

  • 3mm Glass Thickness

  • Various Accent Colors – See Dropdown for Availability


Two Percs, One Bong

Why settle for one perc style, when you can have two? This piece combines a classic honeycomb percolator with a turbine disc perc for first-rate filtration.


Look Ma, No Stem!

With a streamlined stemless design, you have one less component to worry about. The bong utilizes two percolators to make up for the missed diffusion.


Additional Info

Additional Info

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