Portable Bell Rig with Banger and Accents | Sheldon Black

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Beautiful glass dab rig with flared, bell-shaped chamber. Stemless, direct inject design with inline diffuser. 14.5mm female ground joint with matching male-jointed oil banger.

  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • Purpose-Made Dab Rig

  • Inline Diffuser

  • Includes Glass Oil Banger

  • Available in Illuminati or Purple accents

Made By The Masters

For over 25 years the team at Sheldon Black have created elite glass smoking pipes for the discerning connoisseur. From regular straight tubes, to scientific bubblers with space-age percs, this is a manufacturer that has innovated and pushed the boundaries with glass pipe design. Like all Sheldon Black glass, this piece is hand blown from the finest American borosilicate glass.

Direct Inject

The stemless design of this dab rig forces vapour from the glass banger straight into the piece via the inline diffuser. The diffuser causes a bubbling action when you hit the rig which breaks up vapour, increases the surface area of the smoke and cools everything down. The bent-neck mouthpiece with flared lip is designed for easy use and features an easy seal for maximum impact.

Sheldon Styling

This compact little oil rig is the ideal piece to take on your travels and share with friends. The solid glass construction and simple, stemless design make the piece easy to transport safely in a protective carry case which is available in our Smoking Accessories. The standard 14.5mm female joint can be used with nails, bowl slides or the included glass banger. The Bell Rig is finished with purple glass accents on the base, joint and mouthpiece and the famous Sheldon Black signature across the can.


Additional Info

Additional Info

Diffuser Holes
Brand Sheldon Black
Width 71mm
Material Glass
Color Clear, Purple, Yellow
Height 151mm
Special Features Stemless
Mouthpiece Bent, Flared
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm
Glass Thickness 5mm
Style Beaker
Type Oil/Concentrate Rigs