Portable Triple Stack Perc Sidecar Bubbler Black | Sheldon Black

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This is Sheldon Black’s gloriously scientific dab rig with multiple percs and sidecar mouthpiece. Featuring a male 14.5mm ground joint with slash-cut vapor dome, this glass bubbler comes equipped with a multi-hole disc perc and a triple stack dome percolator.


  • American Borosilicate Glass

  • 25 Hole Disc Perc

  • Triple Stacked Dome Percs

  • 14.5mm Male Ground Joint

  • Slash-Cut Vapor Dome (No Nail included)


Multiple Percolators

Providing their customer base with one of the most powerful bubblers on the market, this glass piece by Sheldon Black offers not one but four effective percolators, all incorporated into this progressive and highly functional design. After the vapor rushes through the first multi-hole disc percolator, a bubbling action occurs which forces the vapor to filter through the water. The cooled vapor then rises up to the triple dome perc where filtration occurs again but more significantly. The eventual outcome of this delightful percolation system is a remarkably smooth and clean hit for the user.

Sidecar Mouthpiece

With the chaotic triple percolator included, it’s important to make sure the water that bounces around the chamber doesn’t escape. Sheldon Black include an angled sidecar mouthpiece to make it impossible for water to escape through the mouthpiece. This allows so the user to constantly use the bubbler without any worries of water splashback.

Made in the USA

Just like the rest of the Sheldon Black glass collection, this inventive bubbler dab rig is made out of the finest borosilicate glass at their Los Angeles studio. With an extremely thick build, this small but effective dab rig is exceptionally durable and boasts great heat resistance.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Sheldon Black
Material Glass
Logo Color Sand Blasted, White
Color Black, Clear
Height 201mm
Special Features Direct Inject, Stemless
Percolator Disc, Multiple Percolators
Mouthpiece Flared
Joint Male
Joint Size 14.5mm
Includes Vapor Dome
Type Bubblers, Oil/Concentrate Rigs