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    10" Jane West Beaker | Grav Labs


    Jane West 10" Beaker - Cobalt Blue

    The 10” Cobalt Blue Beaker by Jane West is a stunning tabletop water pipe and one of the most functional bongs in today’s market.


    • For cannabis flower
    • Thick glass beaker
    • Fixed diffusion downstem
    • Removable male bowl
    • Large capacity

    What’s in the box?

    1 x 10” Jane West 10” Beaker (Cobalt blue color), 1 x 14mm custom male bowl

    Jane West 10” Beaker | Elegance and Functionality

    The Beaker is part of the Jane West Glass Collection by GRAV Labs. Jane West is a cannabis lifestyle brand that designs bongs for the contemporary woman. The Beaker is made from the finest borosilicate material and features a hand-crafted finish. The beaker flaunts a fixed downstem capacity and hand-finished joints for seamless functionality. At 10 inches tall, it is easy to hold when smoking cannabis.

    The Beaker works best when filled with ½ cup of water then just spark and inhale. It’s that easy to use. And it doesn’t deliver a hot hit to the throat as the water and multiple pathways work to cool the water and diffuse the smoke. The 10 inch Beaker is also the biggest bong in the collection boasting a large capacity for prolonged smoking of cannabis.

    Product Variants

    Jane West and GRAV Labs collaborated to bring to you the Jane West Glass Collection – glass bongs. The collection includes The Beaker, The Bubbler, The Steamroller, The Spoon, The Taster, and The Bowl. You can also save money by buying the Jane West x GRAV Collection.

    Color variations include cobalt blue, cloud white, and mint green.

    Technical Details


    10 inches

    Base width

    6 inches

    Glass thickness

    60 x 4mm borosilicate glass

    Compatible with

    • 14mm male accessories
    • 14mm male bowl (in package)

    Best for

    Cannabis flower



    The 10 inch Beaker by Jane West x GRAV Labs features sleek lines and eye-catching colors. There are various colorations to choose from but the cobalt blue stands out.


    • Hand-crafted; lovely on display
    • Easy to hold, use, and clean
    • Smoke cooler and bigger heats

    Video- The Beaker, by Jane West


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