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12" Flared Water Pipe with Honey Comb disc

VENDOR: Grav Labs

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Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc - A Quick Intro

The Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc is the perfect combination of form and function.

This straight tube bong is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and features a flared base and mouthpiece. The 90-angle of the fixed downstem draws your smoke through the Honeycomb Percolator and passes Grav Labs’ signature geometric ice catch. 

The result is a smooth, clean hit every time!

Top 5 Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc Features 

Honeycomb Disc Perc

The Honeycomb Disc Percolator is specifically designed to create bubbles that help filter out toxins and unwanted resins from your herb mixture. The result is a cleaner, smoother, more potent hit since the smoke is properly cooled and filtered.

Flared Base & Mouthpiece

These 12” Grav water pipes feature a flared base for extra stability and support. Meanwhile, the flared mouthpiece allows for a tighter seal when the piece is in use. Aside from that, the flared glass gives the piece a more distinct, intelligent look that is bound to stand out.

Grav Labs Geometric Ice Catcher

The integrated ice-catcher filters your smoke through ice cubes, resulting in a cooler, smoother hit. Not only is this more pleasant to inhale, but it’s also a lot easier on your mouth, throat, and lungs. This sleek indentation also doubles as a splashguard.

Stemless Design

This stemless bong has a permanent connection between the bowl and the percolating water in the base. The 90-degree angle of this stem allows for better diffusion and an easier clean since there are fewer moving parts to worry about. 

High-Quality Scientific Glass

Scientific bongs are crafted using thick borosilicate glass. This makes the Grav glassware especially resistant to damage from short falls. Borosilicate glass is also less likely to be damaged by heat from a lighter, or if you’re dabbing, a torch.

How To Use Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc 

1. How To Operate Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc 

Start by adding water to the inside of the Grav Labs bong. The water level is largely up to your own preference but generally, you want to add enough water so that it is either just above or just below the Honeycomb Disc Perc. (About 1.5 inches for this piece in particular).

Once you are satisfied with your water level. Add some ground herbs to your bowl. Make sure that it is not packed too tightly or you may inhibit airflow. You also don’t want it to be so loose that the contents are immediately pulled through the downstem.

Next, add some ice cubes to the ice catcher through the top of the mouthpiece. 

Finally, bring your lighter to the bowl and gently inhale through the mouthpiece. To clear the bong, carefully lift the bowl away from the downstem and inhale, allowing the fresh air to push the remaining smoke out of the bong. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc 

To get the most out of your Grav Labs water pipe be sure to use the ice catcher when yo can. Running your smoke over ice cubes will drop the temperature of your smoke for a cooler hit. 

Next, be sure to use fresh water every session. Cooler water typically results in a cooler hit. 

Lastly, be sure to clean your piece regularly. If you allow too much residue to build up in the water pipe, you will no doubt notice a change in taste and overall quality of your sessions. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc

To begin, empty any leftover water and add some isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt to the inside of the bong. Then, plug up the holes and vigorously shake the piece up, focusing on any areas that are especially dirty. 

The alcohol should cut through the residue, while the coarse salt agitates any stubborn residue on the walls of the Grav glass.

You can do the same thing with the bowl of the pipe by adding it, some alcohol, and salt to a resealable bag. Shake the contents up for similar results. 

Rinse the Grav Labs Water Pipe out with hot water and repeat these steps until you are satisfied with how clean it is. You may also find it beneficial to dip some cotton swabs in the alcohol to spot-treat any remaining areas. 

Once clean, allow all the components to dry before using the Grav Labs Water Pipe for your next session.

Technical Specifications


12 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Honeycomb Disc Perc



Base Diameter

4 in


Clear, Black


Grav Labs

What’s included:

  • 1x Grav Labs 12" Flared Water Pipe w/ Honey Comb Disc
12" Flared Water Pipe with Honey Comb disc

12" Flared Water Pipe with Honey Comb disc