12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick
12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick 12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick 12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick 12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick 12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick 12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick 12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick

12" Glass Beaker - 9mm Thick

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One of the most durable bongs we have ever stocked, this beaker bong is sheer strength. Everything which went into the design of this bong was done so with the bongs longevity in mind. From the size of the piece, to the beaker shape to the 9mm thick glass, no stone was left unturned in the construction of this mighty bong. 9mm thick borosilicate glass is extremely rare to find at this price point. It’s beaker base shape helps the sturdiness of the bong, helping to prevent it from tipping over or smashing, with the glass thickness reinforcing the whole thing in case of any unwanted accidents. Featuring ice notches in the neck of this piece, you are able to enjoy cooler hits as your smoke travels through the ice. The downstem is removable and looks particularly well in its colored form. An all round excellent bong for the user who may be inclined to breakage or spills.


The glass used in the build of this bong is 9mm thick borosilicate glass. We can’t emphasize enough how strong this glass actually is. 9mm thick glass for such a low price is almost unheard of in the bong market. The longevity of your piece is greatly improved by using this kind of glass, especially in the beaker design. Much sturdier and durable, you are sure to be impressed with the strength of the glass used in this bong.


The glass bowl which come with this bong is deep, allowing for large amounts of dry herbs to be consumed at one time if preferred. Half packed bowls work just as well but it is always nice to have the option to knock one out of the park every now and again!


Always a welcome addition, the use of clear glass in a bong is common practice. Being able to see the smoke circulate in the water and the base of the bong is made simple by this bongs design and the use of a colored downstem adds a truly complimenting appearance. Sure to stand out in any bong collection this thick piece of glass is a beauty.


The downstem of your bong connects your bowl and the main chamber of your bong where the water belongs. The downstem used in this piece is removable which makes for easy cleaning and an enjoyable experience during use.


The use of ice catchers is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Allowing for the addition of ice to the neck of the bong, ice notches are a welcome addition to every piece. This bong include an attractively designed ice catcher in the main neck of the piece ensuring you enjoy the coolest most refreshing hits with this bong.


The use of a flared mouthpiece ensures an airtight seal on your bong. Using an elevated lip around the mouthpiece, it creates both an aesthetically attractive design and wonderfully functioning airtight piece.


Beaker base bongs are becoming the stalwart of the bong world. Everyone’s first thought when they think bong is a beaker and for good reason. Increasing durability and all round stability, the beaker bong design truly strengthens any bong. This glass beaker has a host of reasons for why it should last you a lifetime, the beaker design being just one of them.