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    12" Straight Tube Bong with Fixed Downstem


    12 Inch Straight Tube Bong with Fixed Downstem

    Get straight to business with the Flare Base Tube Bong with Fixed Downstem from Grav Labs. With their signature style, they keep it clean. At 12 inches tall, it boasts a slitted fixed downstem which also acts as a diffuser, as well as an ice catcher that serves a dual purpose as a splash guard. Made from heavy duty borosilicate glass, so you know it can handle a few bumps and knocks.

    Dual Purpose Ice Notch Splash Guard

    This piece features a fantastic dual function ice notch and splash guard. If you enjoy cooling then you can drop ice cubes into the neck of the bong where they will be held by the notches for your hit to flow over. It also prevents water from splashing up into your mouth and ruin your hit with the taste of nasty bong water.

    Slitted Downstem

    The fixed downstem has a slitted opening means that every hit you take will be broken up into smaller, more numerous bubbles and diffused. This means that the water has a larger surface area to act on and cool thoroughly.

    Borosilicate Glass

    This piece is made out of high quality borosilicate glass, a type of glass that is especially resistant to heat. Borosilicate glass is created by adding boron to glass during the manufacturing process, making it tougher and more resistant to thermal shock.

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