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Grav Labs 16" Stemless Water Pipe w/Honey Comb Disc

VENDOR: Grav Labs

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Grav Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe - A Quick Intro

Grav Labs are a scientific glass company based in Austin, Texas. Since their explosion onto the market, they’ve become a staple brand for all seeking true luxury.

They pride themselves on creating the finest glassware on the market today. Using scientific methods of production, their bongs have set the standard industry-wide.

The 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe epitomizes the hard work and dedication of GRAV Labs. Its intricate design shows attention to detail, which translates into an experience of pure excellence. With an extra-long body, water filtration, and a honeycomb percolator your vapor is guaranteed to be smooth and flavorful every hit. 

Top 5 GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe Features 

So we’ve given a brief into the 16” GRAV Labs Stemless Honeycomb Perc bong. Now let’s dive a bit deeper into the features that make it so great. We’ve highlighted our top 5 features, providing some explanation on each. 

1. Design

In terms of design, this bong boasts a traditional straight tube bong style. Unlike many straight tube bongs, this bong is stemless. The bowl is attached to the side of the neck. This means that the smoke will pass through more glass before it reaches the water, percolator, and ice for cooling. 

2. Extra Strong Glass

As is the case with all GRAV Labs products, this powerhouse is made using extra-strong borosilicate glass. This is super-high quality, scientific level glass so rest assured it's amazing quality. While you’ll still have to be careful, it’ll help combat any minor damages better than other glass products. 

3. Honeycomb Percolator

What you’ll also find is a honeycomb percolator. It’s situated below the ice twist and plays a crucial role in perfecting this experience. Once you’ve begun taking your rip, the smoke will travel toward the perc before it’s been diffused and cooled. Each section of the percolator will split the smoke particles, thereby cooling them. 

4. Ice Catcher

Ice catchers have become common features in the best quality bongs on the market. The 16” stemless water pipe by GRAV Labs, it’s situated about halfway up the straight tube. Once your smoke has been filtered through the water and percolator it’ll reach the ice catcher for one last bit of cooling before you inhale. 

5. Flared Mouthpiece

You’ll notice that the 16” Stemless Waterpipe has a flared mouthpiece. This is to ensure that there’s no wastage in your experience. The flared mouthpiece helps you guarantee that all your smoke is saved and none wasted while you’re taking your hit. 

How To Use GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe

So now we know all about it, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. We’ve highlighted our best tips on our to operate, optimize, and maintain the GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe. 

1. How To Operate GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe?

There’s really not much for you to do before you can get started with this piece. You’ll need to fill the tube with a small amount of water, and make sure your bowl is filled with your favorite dry herb. Once you’ve done that, light the herbs and begin to inhale, and enjoy. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe?

To get the best hits from this GRAV Labs beast, you’ll want to ensure it’s filled with the perfect amount of water. Just enough to cover the first hole from the bowl should be perfect. Next, make sure the dry herbs you’re using of great quality, and that’s it! 

3. How To Clean/Maintain GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Honeycomb Perc Waterpipe?

Making sure your bong is cleaned after each session is really important. The reason is that any leftover residue from previous sessions will affect the quality of the smoke. By using isopropyl alcohol and warm water you’ll be able to rinse and soak the bowl. Meanwhile using the same solution to rinse out the straight tube will also aid this. Set it aside to dry before using it again. 

Technical Specifications

Height 16 inch
Joint Type Female
Joint Size 14 mm
Joint Angle 90 Degree
Percolator Type Honeycomb Perc
Material  Glass
Glass Type Borosilicate
Colors Blue, Black, Clear
Brand GRAV Labs

What’s Included:

  • 1 x GRAV Labs 16” Stemless Waterpipe w/ Honeycomb Perc
Grav Labs 16" Stemless Water Pipe w/Honey Comb Disc

Grav Labs 16" Stemless Water Pipe w/Honey Comb Disc