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16" Triple Perc Inline Bong

VENDOR: Thick Ass Glass


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Thick Ass Glass 16" Triple Perc Inline Bong - A Quick Intro

What could possibly be better than a double perc bong? Well, a triple perc bong, obviously. The 16” Triple Perc Inline Bong by Thick Ass Glass is a true showstopper.

Thick Ass Glass is renowned for making some of the finest quality glassware on the market. They create expertly designed bongs, all with specific intricate detailing to elevate any user’s bong hit experience. As you would have probably guessed by their name, Thick Ass Glass also uses extra-thick glass to increase the durability and stability of their products. 

Top 5 Thick Ass Glass 16" Triple Perc Inline Bong Features 

We’ve been lucky enough to try out this superstar bong for ourselves. This means we’ve been able to analyze and really give it a run for its money. Take our word, it definitely doesn’t disappoint. We’ve highlighted the 5 features that make this bong well worth the money.

1. Design

From the first moment you lay your eyes on this bong, you’ll be enticed. It boasts a decadent and impressive design, standing at 16” tall. Due to its transparent glass body, you’ll be able to see the smoke pass through both percolators and filter through the water before you inhale. 

2. Thick Ass Glass

Staying true to the name of its creator, the 16” Triple Perc Inline Bong is made with ultra-thick glass to improve both its stability and strength. What’s more, it also adds to the weight of the piece giving a more luxurious feel when taking your hits. 

3. Triple Percolator

It’s become normal, even expected, for good quality bongs to have a percolator these days. The reason for this being that they filter the smoke, elevating the quality of each hit infinitely. Well, this bong has 3. It features double inline barrel perc, as well as oversized showerhead perc, too. These work in unison to ensure you’re inhaling nothing but the finesse quality smoke you could imagine. 

4. Flared Mouthpiece

The Thick Ass Glass 16” Triple Perc Inline Bong also features a flared mouthpiece. There may be some of you thinking, “so what?”. Well, the flared mouthpiece ensures that the amount of smoke lost is minimized by completely making the mouthpiece completely coverable. Less waste, more hits! 

5. Ice Catcher

As well as those percolators working together to filter and cool the smoke, there’s also an ice catcher. What this does is give the smoke one final way of cooling before you take your hit. 

How To Use Thick Ass Glass 16" Triple Perc Inline Bong

Now it’s time for us to get into the details of how you can get started with this bong. Not only that, but we’ll also give you tips on how to get the best hits, and also how to keep it clean. 

How To Operate Thick Ass Glass 16" Triple Perc Inline Bong?

Thankfully, there isn’t too much to do before you’ll be able to get going with the 16” Triple Perc Inline bong. Firstly, you’ll want to fill it with a little bit of water for your vapor to get filtered through. Next is ensuring your bowl is filled with your favorite dry herbs and flowers. Complete this and you’re all set! 

How To Get Cool Hits From Thick Ass Glass 16" Triple Perc Inline Bong?

You’ll always want to get the best possible hits from your bong. With this one, in particular, you’ll want to make sure your bong was clean from your last session to maximize the taste of your flower. You’ll also want to be careful not to use too much water as this can cause some unwanted drawbacks. 

How To Clean/Maintain Thick Ass Glass 16" Triple Perc Inline Bong?

Cleaning of the 16” Triple Perc Inline bong couldn’t be simpler. The main area to ensure is clean before each session is the bowl. Any leftover residue will affect the taste of your hits. To clean it, use cleaning wipes or soak the bowl in isopropyl alcohol. You’ll also be able to rinse the body of the unit to remove any staining and keep it looking fresh. 

Technical Specifications

Height 16 inch
Joint Type Female
Joint Size 14 mm
Joint Angle 90 Degree
Percolator  Triple Perc
Material  Glass
Glass  Borosilicate
Brand Thick Ass Glass

What’s included:

  • 1 x Thick Ass Glass 16” Triple Perc Inline Bong
16" Triple Perc Inline Bong

16" Triple Perc Inline Bong

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