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Grav Labs 18
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    Grav Labs 18" Upline Water Pipe


    Grav Labs 18" Upline Water Pipe 

    This absolute monster of a bong from Grav Labs is sure to stand out in the most varied collections of glassware. Standing proudly at a huge 18 inches tall you'll never misplace this amazing piece. After the smoke has risen through the 7 percolators you'll get to inhale one of the smoothest hits available!

    Upline Flare Water Pipe Features

    • Stemless design
    • 50mm Tubing
    • 5mm Thick glass
    • 14mm joint
    • Ladder percolator
    • Removable bowl
    • Tapered mouthpiece

    Ergonomic Design

    The main body of the water pipe has been slimmed down, giving the whole piece a unique look. One of the advantages of this is it makes holding the piece a lot easier when in use. This is also a lot easier on the lungs as it lowers the lung capacity required to hit it. The mouthpiece has been taped to give extra comfort and the angled nack keeps you away from any rising heat whilst still proving a good view of the bowl.

    With 2 inches of water added to the base, you'll get extra stability and cooler smoke. As you pull the smoke into the main body it has to make its way through 7 percolators! As the smoke and water passes through each one, the smoke cools further as further, widening its surface area. This makes hitting those big bowls easier than ever before.

    Included with the water pipe is a removable male 14mm Octobowl.

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