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4" Classic Spoon | Grav Labs
4" Classic Spoon | Grav Labs

4" Classic Spoon | Grav Labs
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Grav Labs
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In a Nutshell
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 25mm Thickness
  • Flower Consumption
  • Multiple Colours

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  • Product Description

    4" Classic Spoon | Grav Labs

    This 4" glass spoon pipe from Grav Labs is simplicity at it's best. No fancy gimmicks or unnecessary parts. Just straightforward, tried and tested design at it's best.

    4" Classic Spoon Features

    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Wide-mouthed bowl
    • Inverted ash-catcher mouthpiece
    • Carb hole
    • 25mm Thick Glass
    • Multiple Colours

    Using the Grav Labs 4" Spoon Pipe

    Being simple in design the 4" spoon pipe is simple to use. We recommend grinding your dry herbs before packing the bow as this will increase the surface area of the herbs and allows the heat to distribute around the bowl better. Once the bowl has enough herbs in it be sure to cover the carb located on the side of the bowl before the next step. Place the pipe to your lips and then light your flame source and bring it into contact with the herbs, inhaling simultaneously. Once you've had enough, remove your finger from the carb hole to allow fresh air to clear the pipe.

    Cleaning the Grav Labs Spoon

    When cleaning the Standard Spoon, all you need is Isopropyl alcohol, water, and some paper towels. Mix the Isopropyl alcohol and the water together in a container, then place the spoon into the solution, leave for an hour, rinse the pipe off with fresh water and dry off the pipe with a paper towel.