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7" Butane Cigar Torch

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7" Butane Cigar Torch - A Quick Intro

If you want to enjoy dabbing concentrate. Then you'll need something a lot more substantial than a gas station lighter or a box of matches. Concentrates are designed to vaporize at upwards of 400 degrees, to reach this temperature you'll need a specialized tool That's where this 7" Butane Cigar Torch comes in.

Top 5 7" Butane Cigar TorchFeatures 

1. Incredible Heating

Dabs require so serious heating, and this torch delivers. It is capable of generation temperatures of up to 2,610 °F. You'll rarely have to get anything up to this temperature, but you can be sure that your nail will be ready for dabs in next to no time. 

2. Safe to Use

This butane torch is designed to be as safe as possible. Its shape ensures that your hand is well clear of the flame, and its trigger operation means that if dropped, it will instantly extinguish. It also has variable pressure, so you can work with the safest intensity. 

3. Ergonomic Design

This torch features a safe and comfortable to use pistol grip. This makes it simple and intuitive to handle and easy to precisely direct. It also features a flared base for added stability when you set it down. 

4. Perfect for Dabbing

Dabs have to be vaporized super quickly, so they need a high temperature to work possibly. Unfortunately none of your lighters, not even your zippo, is up to this task. This torch will make short work of it, making it ideal for dabbing. 

5. Practically Odorless

When burning, butane is nearly impossible to smell. This torch won't leave any nasty, lingering smells in the air. 

How To Use 7" Butane Cigar Torch

How To Operate 7" Butane Cigar Torch?

Simply set your preferred pressure and pull the trigger. A bright blue flame should appear at the nozzle of this torch. 

How To Clean/Maintain 7" Butane Cigar Torch?

There is no cleaning required with this torch.

Technical Specifications

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7 inch




Blue or Silver



What’s included:

  • 1 * 7" Butane Cigar Torch
7" Butane Cigar Torch

7" Butane Cigar Torch

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