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    7" STAX Dual-Function Inline Base | Grav Labs

    7" STAX Dual-Function Inline Base

    The 7” STAX Dual-Function glass base allows you to add attachments to build the bong of your dreams. If you like consuming both dry herbs and concentrates, this is the STAX base you should consider.


    • For flower and concentrate
    • Inline percolator
    • Dual cannabis chamber
    • Reversible glass plug

    What’s in the box?

    1 x 7” STAX Dual-Function Inline Base, 1 x 14mm Quartz domeless Nail, 1 x 14mm STAX Bowl

    7 Inch Dual-Function Glass Base | Plant and Extracts

    The STAX 7” Dual-Function base with Inline Percolator allows you to add nail and bowl attachments for a custom bong experience. With its dual chamber, you can smoke dry plant or liquids. With this glass piece, you’ll be buying two functionalities in a single base.

    The left chamber fits a male joint with a female domeless nail attachment while the right chamber has a female joint fitted with a funnel bowl. The two chambers connect through the inline perc. If you opt to focus on airflow, you can block the opposing joint with the 14mm reversible glass plug. You can opt to change all removable pieces including the perc and mouthpieces. Buy from the collection or use your old attachments with this Dual-Function Glass Base.

    Product Variants

    The 7-inch STAX-Grav Dual-Function Inline Base can accommodate a wide range of percolators from STAX including the Coil Perc, Circle Perc, Halo Perc, Honeycomb Perc, or Tree Perc. It can also be used with a variety of mouthpieces such as the Angled Mouthpiece, Helix, Trumpet, and Triple Pinch.

    Technical Details


    7 inches




    14mm male and 14mm female joint

    Joint block

    14mm female/male reversible glass plug

    Compatible with

    • 14mm Female Quartz Domeless Nail (in package)
    • 14mm STAX Funnel bowl (in package)
    • STAX® percolator
    • STAX® mouthpiece

    Best for

    Flowers and Concentrates



    This tabletop base has two chambers for herbs and concentrates. It has a wide base and removable and replaceable parts. The STAX brand is added through gray decals.


    • Fully-modular base
    • Dual chamber to consume cannabis form you desire
    • Compatible with STAX glass attachments


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