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Grav Labs 8
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    Grav Labs 8" Android Water Pipe


    Grav Labs 8" Android Water Pipe

    The only question you'll have to ask with this water pipe is dab or herb. This is an innovative piece that features a dual function. For the person who wants it all or the person who only wants to own one piece. This piece comes with two different chambers, one side connects to a natural percolator which is intended for dabs, while the other side comes to an inline percolator and is intended for dry herb. It is built with a massive chamber that will prevent back splash. 

    Flower side

    The inline pushes up against the bottom of the interior chamber and distributes the bubbles around it. It is built with a 14mm female joint and comes with a 14mm quartz bowl 

    Concentrate side

    very simple single bubbler perc that is in there with a minimal filtration which you want. It is built with a 14mm male joint and comes with a 14mm female dome-less quartz nail.
    Having separate chamber prevents you from mixing your herb and your concentrates along the same surface. Resin will build up and effect the flavor of everything else. 


    • 4" wide base
    • very stable
    • pinch bowl 
    • quarts nail


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