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8" Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator

VENDOR: GlassLab 303


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8" glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator - A Quick Intro

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Glasslab 303 is an all-American company that specializes in high quality, scientific-standard glass with an artistic twist. They bring together the perfect fusion of form and function, creating incredible, high-quality glass. 

The 8" Banger hanger with in-line Matrix Percolator is a fantastic dab rig that is testament to Glasslab's design philosophy.

Each piece is a veritable miracle of glass engineering that is held to the highest standards of quality control. To prove this, each piece is marked with a "Colorado Certified" logo. 

Standing an impressive 8" tall and featuring a range of incredible features, the Clear Banger Hanger Dab Rig is a truly fantastic piece of work, perfect for beginners and glass aficionados alike.

Its matrix percolator means that each hit you take will be subjected to a superior level of cooling. Being a banger hanger, this rig is designed for use with a fast-heating quartz nail, so you won't have to worry about waiting around for your first hit. 

Top 5 8" glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator Feature

In Line Matrix Percolator

Dab rigs are specially designed for use with concentrates. This type of material is several times more effective than its equivalent weight in the dry herb but needs a special heating method that instantly vaporizes it.

This results in a powerful hit that many users will find excessively strong. To combat this, dab rigs are designed to cool each hit in a manner similar to that of a bong. However, due to the high temperatures involved, the water needs a little help. 

Percolators break up each hit into a mass of small bubbles, this increases the overall surface area that is cooled by the dab rig's water. The matrix perc on this rig is built directly into the airpath, so it acts on every bit of every hit, leading to all-around better dab experiences. 

Clear Banger Hanger 

Banger hanger rigs are one of the most popular styles of the bubbler. They are designed for use with a domeless quartz banger. This is why they feature a specialized design that incorporates a female joint set at a 90° angle. This provides a stable connection for the banger while also offering an ergonomic angle for heating. 

High-Quality Scientific Glass

Glasslab 303 uses only the highest quality materials in their products, and this dab rig is no different. It is made out of scientific quality glass that is resistant to thermal shock and excessive grime build-up. It is made out of classic clear glass that shows off its quality construction and ensures that maintenance is a breeze. 

Ergonomic Mouthpiece

The neck of the Glasslab 303 8" Clear Banger Hanger is gently angled to ensure that users can easily, comfortably, and safely take hits. This is a great quality of life feature, especially considering that it keeps the banger stable and secure in the joint, essential when you consider how hot it can become during use. 

American Color Rods

Glasslab 303 has sourced the highest quality American Color Rods to ensure that this piece is striking and stylish to look at, giving subtle accenting to several parts of the piece. 

How To Use 8" glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator

1. How To Operate 8" glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator

When preparing the Glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger for use, the first thing you should do is fill it with clean, cool water. Make sure that you only fill it to where it just about covers the outlets on the Matrix Perc. Overfilling it can ruin your draw resistance. 

Next, get your concentrate and dab tool ready, it's important to have it close by when your banger has reached vape temperature. Next, pick up the torch and apply heat to the banger. Use your dab tool to load a blob of your concentrate onto the hot banger. Put your lips to the bubbler's mouthpiece and inhale. Be careful not to touch the nail until it has cooled and you are ready for another hit. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From 8" glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator

The banger hanger does a lot of the work when it comes to ensuring that you get the coolest possible hit. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that it is a bit more efficient. The most important thing you can do is ensure that you frequently change out the water and clean this rig. This will ensure that there isn't any build up which can ruin the flavor of your herb and destroy your draw resistance. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain 8" glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator

The first step when it comes to cleaning the Glasslab 303 Clear Banger Hanger is to empty the reservoir of any water, ideally this should be done after every session. For a deeper clean, make sure that you partially fill it with isopropyl alcohol or some kind of bong cleaning solution.

If you notice some serious grim inside of it, add some sea salt or rice to act as an abrasive. Give the banger hanger a few thorough shakes to dissolve any grime. Wipeout any build-up in the banger before with a q-tip and alcohol, before rinsing everything with water and setting it aside. 

Technical Specifications


8 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

12 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolator Type

Matrix Perc



Glass Thickness






What’s in the box

  • 1x GlassLab 303 Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator
8" Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator

8" Clear Banger Hanger w/ Inline Matrix Percolator