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    8" Grav Labs Round Water Pipe


    8" Round Water Pipe | Grav Labs

    GRAV 8-inch Round Water Pipe features a rounded glass chamber and a clear fission downstem so you can see your experiment unfold before your eyes.


    • Fixed downstem
    • Geometric pressed pinch
    • For flowers

    What’s in the box?

    1 x GRAV® Small Round Base Water Pipe with Black Accents, 1 x 14mm GRAV cup bowl

    GRAV Small 8 Inch Round Water Pipe | Rounded Body

    The 8-inch water pipe is a rounded take on the classic water pipe with a straight body. The overall look is elegant. The neck is indented so you can place ice cubes into the bong to cool the smoke before it hits your mouth making it easy on the throat.

    While this piece is made of clear borosilicate glass, it can be a little challenging to clean with the fixed downstem. Keep in mind that cleaning the bong is important to get rid of colouring and ensure a clean, pure taste every time.

    Product Variants

    GRAV® Round Base Water Pipe is available in the small 8-inch tall size as well as another variation, the mini 6” tall round base water pipe.

    Technical Details


    8 inches


    3.5 inches


    Female joint 14mm

    Compatible with

    14mm Cup bowl (included), male joint

    Best used for




    GRAV Small Round Base Water Pipe is made of clear glass featuring black accents at the top and base. It features a fixed downstem and a geometric pinch. The GRAV label on the neck comes in different colors and may vary on the item you receive.

    Pros and Cons

    • Smoother taste
    • Cooler hits
    • Prevents splash back
    • Cleaning is quite tricky

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