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    8" Raked Beaker Water Pipe


    One of the most stylish bongs we offer, the raked beaker bong is fantastic value for money. It comes with a beautiful design on the beaker which will certainly stand out amongst even the most fashionable bongs. Standing at 8” and built from top quality glass, this piece comes in both red and blue. The beaker shape used in this water pipe’s design is becoming the standard for bongs today with both sturdiness and ease of cleaning both drastically improved by its shape. You will struggle to find a piece out there with quite the uniqueness of this cool bong. Some of the most important features of this water pipe include: 

    Beaker Base Bong

    This bong uses the beaker base design. Known to be easier to clean and also much more durable, the use of the beaker shape design is being seen more and more frequently in the bong market today. Famed by some of the larger brands, this piece is a fantastic example of the beaker bong shape which can be obtained at a fraction of the price!

    Clear & Colored Glass

    This water pipe is built using a combination of both clear and colored glass. This mixes easy visibility of your smoke in the bong with stylish coloring. Available in both Red and Blue, the raked beaker bong is a beautiful example of bongs today. It is built using high quality glass and it would be an excellent addition for both the beginner and the regular bong user alike.

    Deep Bowl

    The bowl used in this piece is even deeper than the conventional bowl size. Allowing more herbs to be consumed at the discretion of the user. Made from Glass and attractively designed the extra large bowl is perfect for this Raked Beaker Bong.

    Flared Mouthpiece

    The use of the Flared Mouthpiece is becoming more frequently seen in bong designs today. With an elevated ridge around the mouthpiece, this bong provides a totally airtight seal to prevent any valuable smoke or vapor from escaping. It also creates a more enjoyable experience, with the mouthpiece designed with your comfort in mind.

    Fixed Downstem

    The Downstem in this water pipe is fixed. The downstem is used to connect the bowl of your bong with the chamber. It actually features diffuser's at the bottom of the downstem which are in turn used to percolate and break your smoke up further.

    Thick Glass

    This piece is actually pretty strong. The glass which is used in its construction is thinner than usual and it’s beaker shape adds to the sturdiness of the piece. Increasing longevity as a result.


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