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pineapple bong bottle
14mm joint on pineapple bong
pineapple in a bottle bong
glass bottle bong
beer bottle glass pineapple
pineapple bong bottle glass
glass mouthpiece bubbler bong
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    "Ananaas" Pineapple Bottle Dab Rig


    like drinking out of an old fashioned soda bottle. Made of clear glass on the outside with a mini vibrant pop of color on the inside with the pineapple. You will be able to see everything that is going on the inside when you use this bottle. There is a 90 degree 14mm female going attached to the side which comes with a male funnel with a handle which is the same color as the pineapple, but also there for easy handling. 


    • Pineapple Showerhead Perc
    • Bubbler
    • 90 Degree Joint
    • Female Joint
    • 14mm Joint Size
    • Made From "Soft Glass"
    • Fixed Downstem
    • Dry Herb Bowl Included
    • Flat Mouthpiece
    • Colored Glass
    • Worked Glass
    • Maria Rings
    • Dewar's Joint


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