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Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

VENDOR: Arizer

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This Product has been discontinued for the latest version please check out the Arizer Solo 2.

Who Should Buy Arizer Solo?

The Arizer Solo is an incredible vaporizer for anyone who wants to enjoy the smooth, dense and consistent experience of a conduction vaporizer. All in a compact package and without breaking the bank. This is one of the OG portable vapes, a device that helped Arizer establish its reputation as one of the finest vape companies on the market. It's not hard to see why. 

If you want to get as much flavor from your dry herb as possible and enjoy a truly authentic vape experience, look no further than the Solo. Its glass aroma tube, and conduction heating system will guarantee you some truly impressive vapor quality. On top of this, its reliable battery life and compact size mean you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you want. 

Why You’ll Love Arizer Solo?

The flavor is the name of the game when it comes to the Arizer Solo vaporizer. Every aspect of this device is carefully engineered towards getting the purest, most authentic flavor from your herb. The conduction system directly heats your herb. This quickly evaporates the active ingredients out of dry herbs while still preserving flavonoids and other tasty molecules. 

If the natural taste of the herb isn't enough, the flavor chamber allows you to add a secondary load. This can be a dried herb like lemongrass or dried citrus. As the vapor flows over this, it will pick up notes of flavor, augmenting your overall hit. 

How To Use The Arizer Solo?

1. How To Operate The Arizer Solo?

To turn on your Solo Vaporizer, all you need to do is press both the up and the down buttons for a few seconds. The device will beep and instantly launch into heating. 

Packing the Solo is simple thanks to its flavor tube system. Simply set the glass tube down and carefully decant your herb into it. When it is full, pop it into the device. 

Selecting a temperature setting is simple, all you need to do is press either up or down to cycle through the seven temperature settings. When the device reaches the vaping temperature you can begin to use it by drawing slowly from it. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

Though it is a conduction vape, and that usually means you want as fine a grind as possible. However, the flavor tube system works better with a slightly coarser grind, similar to a dry convection vape. 

3. How To Clean It?

Again, cleaning the Solo is made easy thanks to its flavor chamber system. Simply remove the glass chamber, steep it in warm water, and then break up any stubborn patches of grime with isopropyl alcohol and a soft-bristled brush. 

Next, clean out the chamber and airpath with a q tip and some alcohol. Before you use the vaporizer, reassemble it and put it through a test cycle to vaporize leftover alcohol. 

Top 5 Arizer Solo Features 

1. Ceramic Conduction Heating System

The Arizer Solo is a high-quality conduction vaporizer, this means that it directly heats the surface area of the herb in its chamber. This has the advantage of a rapid heat-up time, as well as the ability to produce dense, and powerful clouds. 

The ceramic construction of the heating element is important, as it offers consistent heating across all the surface area of the herbs. This leads to a denser more even result. Best of all, ceramic is a non-reactive material and doesn't taint the taste of herb at all, no matter how hard you push the heating system. 

2. Glass Aroma Tubes

The Arizer Solo further augments the flavor of the vapor it produces with glass aroma tubes. These help keep herbs packed together and allow your herb to be more effectively cooled as it travels up the airpath. On top of this, an aroma tube can be pre-packed with all manner of herbs, allowing users to enjoy a doubly potent vape experience. 

Another option that may appeal to those who like to mix things up, is filling the tube with other blends of dried herb or even citrus zest. This will create a unique and refreshing vape experience that has many of the benefits of aromatherapy, too. If you crave variety then look no further than the Arizer Solo vaporizer.

3. Solid Battery Life

A portable vaporizer is only as portable as its battery allows. Thankfully, the Arizer Solo 1 features a solid battery that can offer up to two hours of continuous use on a full charge. Overall this means that a user can expect between six and nine sessions on a single charge. Best of all, when it does finally run down, it can still be used as it charges thanks to its pass-through charging system. 

4. Tried and Tested

The Solo 1 is a landmark vape, marking Arizer's early forays into the vape industry. It is also a proven classic that is more than capable of standing up along with more modern vaporizers. This device is shockingly similar to more modern devices, using the same heat, chamber, and stem system as its more modern counterparts. This is because Arizer is firmly in the 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' camp. This vaporizer has made it this far because it is reliable, solid, and produces some fantastic vapor. 

5. Simple And Straightforward

Many portable vapes are becoming increasingly complicated and tricky to use, with phone apps, digital controls, and many other bells and whistles. The Solo, however, is built around simplicity. It features a simple, two-button control scheme that allows users to cycle between six, preset heat settings. This is a fabulous device for beginners or those who just appreciate the simpler things in life. 

Is the Arizer Solo worth It? 

The Arizer Solo is an established vaporizer with a proven track record, it was an essential stepping stone that helped Arizer become the huge company they are today. However, the fact that it's still around is more than proof that it is a truly fantastic piece of equipment. 

There are few vaporizers from this period that can still hold their own today, but the Solo is certainly one of them. Its heating system, ceramic chamber, and flavor tubes are still truly incredible features and they are made even better by the lower price tag they can be found at. If you are a casual vaper, or a beginner looking for their first convection vape, then the Solo is one of the finest choices you can make. 

Compare with similar products

Arizer Air

arizer air

The Solo is frequently compared to its sister vape, the Arizer Air. This vaporizer is a departure from the conduction heating of the Solo and instead uses a hybrid system that uses both conduction and convection. This means that it is an impressively efficient little vape, able to get the very most out of a loaded chamber with little to no wastage. It is also far smaller than the solo, making it far more pocket-friendly than its chunkier counterpart. This comes at a cost of some battery life, but the Air has an interchangeable battery system that allows you to carry spares, potentially expanding its range massively. 

What’s included:

arizer solo - what's in the box

  • 1 x Solo Portable Micro-Heater
  • 1 x Solo Charger
  • 1 x Solo Glass Aroma Tube (Curved)
  • 1 x Solo Glass Aroma Tube (110mm)
  • 1 x Solo Glass Aroma Dish
  • 2 x Solo Silicone Stem Caps
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
  • 1 x Solo Owner’s Manual

Technical Specifications:

Vaporizes  Dry herb
Chamber capacity 0.20g
Temperature range 6 levels (122° F and between 365° F and 410° F)
Charging time 4 Hours
Battery length 60 Minutes 
Size 1.75 in x 4.5 in
Heating system Conduction
Warranty 2 years for the vaporizer, 1 year for the battery

Arizer Solo Faq's

Q1: Does The Arizer Solo 1 Have Any Accessories?

The Arizer Solo still has access to a range of accessories including spare flavor chambers, different shapes of glass mouthpieces, and replacement charging leads. 

Q2: Is There An Arizer Solo 1 Temperature Guide?

The seven Solo heating settings are as follows:

Level 1 – 50C/ 122F

Level 2 – 185C/ 365F

Level 3 – 190C/ 374F

Level 4 – 195C/ 383F

Level 5 – 200C/ 392F

Level 6 – 205C/ 401F

Level 7 – 210C/ 410F

Q3: Can The Arizer Solo Be Used With Concentrates?

The Solo vaporizer isn't compatible with concentrates. Its heating system is designed to work with dry herbs and nothing else. 

Q4: Can The Arizer Solo's Battery Be Replaced?

The Arizer Solo features an internal, rechargeable battery. Over time, it will slowly lose its capacity, when this happens it can be replaced with an aftermarket battery. 

Q5: Is The Arizer Solo 1 Safe?

The Arizer Solo is built to exacting standards and is 100% safe to use. There is no risk of any of the materials used in its manufacture causing harm to the user. 

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer