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Atmos Electro Dabber Kit



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Who Should Buy an Atmos Electro Dabber Kit?

The Electro Dabber is a multi-function, wax consistency vaporizer that is perfect for anyone interested in fast and easy wax consistency vaping!

It uses an advanced, uniquely designed atomizer to vaporize wax consistency products without needing to be loaded or packed like other portable vaporizers. 

This innovative design makes vaping on-the-go quicker and easier than ever before with its unique reverse airflow path. Just place the heating element into your waxy product and start vaping! Alternatively, if you want to load your Electro Dabber to use it like a traditional vaporizer, you can use the included heating chamber. 

Just pack your chamber and flip it to use the additional mouthpiece on the bottom of the Electro Dabber. Both of the atomizers included with this kit use a quartz heating element designed to produce pure, flavorful vapor. 

Why You’ll Love the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit?

The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit Vaporizer is a one-of-a-kind portable vaporizer that works like a portable pen vaporizer but doubles as a nectar collector. 

This premium wax vaporizer features a reverse airflow path that allows you to use the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit like a regular wax pen vaporizer and switch it to an electronic nectar collector without having to purchase or install additional attachments. 

It’s a multi-operational kit that simply lets you change the overall function of the device by just flipping the heating element and changing the heating element making it one of the most convenient and straightforward devices on the market today.

The key behind this unique vaporizer lies behind its superb airflow path which allows you to use this vaporizer inversely. This allows easier and faster operation regardless of the situation.

How To Use the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit?

1. How To Operate Atmos Electro Dabber Kit

Make sure that the Atmos Electro Dabber Kit Vaporizer battery is fully charged.

Once you’ve secured a fully charged battery, you need to tap the power button 5 times to turn it on.

Conversely, tapping the power button 5 times again when it’s powered on will turn it off.

Wait for a light indicator that will flash blue thrice to tell you that the device is turned on.

An automatic mode can be used to heat your wax concentrates though if you prefer the traditional and manual heating mode simply press and hold the power button to fire the device and heat up the heating element.

You may either use it as an electric nectar collector or a traditional vaporizer.

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

To get the most out of your vaporizer, make sure to keep your device clean! 

If you allow too much residue to build up, it will undoubtedly start to affect the taste and overall quality of your sessions. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

To clean your Atmos Electro Dabber, take a few cotton swabs and dampen them in some isopropyl alcohol. 

Gently wipe the Atmos vape with the iso cotton swabs until you are satisfied with how clean it is. 

Allow the Dabber to dry off completely before your next use. 

Top 5 Atmos Electro Dabber Kit Features 

Compact Design

Don’t lug around unnecessary items when you vape, especially in this day and age where less is more. The Atmos Electro Dabber Kit lets you take your vaping sessions anywhere allowing you to experience dabbing right from your favorite glass jars.

No More Dry Hits

The Atmos Electro Dabber allows you to see the amount of material you have. Since you’re dabbing from the container itself, you can always see the amount of material left. No more dry hits, no more guessing how much you’ve got left. 

Larger Loads

You no longer have to be confined and limited to the amount of wax concentrate your vape chamber can carry. You’re dabbing straight from the jar so feel free to challenge your THC tolerance. 

Dabbing Made Easy

Take the hassle out of your vaporization sessions with the Atmos Electro dabber Kit. Dabbing with blow torches, burning your fingertips, and even causing major loss of property when using a butane torch halfway stoned is just a thing of the past. 

Quartz Heating Element

Quartz is commonly used in smoking accessories because it is easy to clean, especially durable and incredibly resistant to high temperatures. Quartz is also an ideal dabbing material thanks to the fact that it doesn’t impact the taste of your concentrate.

What’s included:

  • 1x Atmos Electro Dabber
  • 1x Advanced Heating Tip
  • 1x Quartz Heating Chamber
  • 1x Micro USB Charger
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Cleaning Tool 

Technical Specifications:



Battery capacity


Battery Voltage





4.68 in

5 Most Important Questions About Atmos Electro Dabber Kit

Q1: Should I charge my battery before I use it?

Batteries are usually shipped with a 70% charge, which is the suggested way to store lithium-ion batteries. It is highly recommended that you use the battery until it depletes itself. Then charge the battery according to the instructions found in your specific product user manual.

Q2: Can I leave my battery plugged in to charge overnight?

No this is not recommended. Charging the battery longer than recommended can cause damage to the lithium-ion technology, and can be a fire hazard as well. Removing the battery from the charger immediately as the light turns green will increase the lifespan of your battery.

Q3: What is the best way to care for my vaporizer?

  • Remember to remove the battery from the charger when it's fully charged.
  • Unscrew the cartridge from the battery if you will not be using the device for an extended period of time.
  • Carry the device in a protective case when not handling.
  • Q4: Why does my atomizer or cartridge taste burnt?

    The heating element of an atomizer is wrapped in a fabric that if not kept wet will burn very quickly. Your wick must be kept saturated before powering on and inhaling to prevent any damage or burnt taste. 

    Q5: What do I do if my cartridge is not working?

    Follow these steps to get your cartridge working again: 1. Make sure the battery is turned off. 2. Take a cotton swab slightly dipped into alcohol. 3. Start by cleaning the cartridge connection area, then move into the battery connection, clean that as well to remove any product that may have leaked. 4. Dry for 5 minutes and reconnect.

    Atmos Electro Dabber Kit

    Atmos Electro Dabber Kit