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Bell Rig with Colored Marble and Accents



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Bell Rig with Colored Marble & Accents - A Quick Intro

If you want a sturdy, classic dab rig constructed with high quality borosilicate glass and a beaker design, check out this rig with multiple colors and accents, available to you with a 14 mm male quartz banger. 

A welded, three hole downstem diffuser/percolator makes the cleaning process simple and far less of a dread, and you get amazing filtration, flavor, and functionality with this dab rig overall. The 14 mm female joint fits securely with the quartz banger

With a neck designed for supreme flow and added pushed glass intricacy, you have a relatively portable, stylish rig that is meant to go the distance. The mouthpiece is also outfitted with a flared shape that allows your mouth to provide an efficient air seal. 

You can have chilled out sessions with this rig thanks to the design, and with a variety of colors to choose from, this dab rig can be a personalized addition to your collection. 

Colors included are onyx, jade, emerald, sapphire, frost, and amethyst (black, light green, dark green, blue, light blue, and red). 

Dried herbs go just fine with this dab rig too, so you have a piece that can last as long as you want it to with this bell rig. 

Top 5 Bell Rig with Colored Marble & Accents Features 

Included Concentrate Pipe

Get the best of both worlds with the quartz banger and concentrate pipe. This bong is a fit for any occasion. 


Standing at only 6.5 inches tall, this dab rig is an easy addition to your household, making it perfect for coffee table sessions with friends or bringing along with you. 

Personalized Colors

Choose your own style rig with available colors that decorate and accent the glass with onyx, jade, emerald, sapphire, frost, and amethyst (black, light green and dark green, blue and light blue, and maroonish red). 

Borosilicate Glass 

This dab rig is made of tough borosilicate glass, making it shock resistant and sturdy enough to withstand normal wear and tear. 

Fixed Diffuser/ Percolator

This fixed percolator prevents noisiness when transporting your bong and underscores the sturdiness of the structure. You will not be removing the percolator for any reason and thus prevent from damaging it through regular maintenance. 

How To Use 5 Bell Rig with Colored Marble & Accents

1. How To Operate Bell Rig 

Add water to your rig, ensuring that the water goes above the slits located on your percolator/ diffuser. Be careful to not overfill here. If you are unsure, just fill about an inch above the slits and test out the rig before you proceed.

Once you have the water set, go ahead and put on the dab rig to the female joint and make sure it is secured tightly. Start heating it up (a blow torch tends to work best here) to a temperature of your liking.

Careful to not overheat your wax, as a burnt concentrate is not going to do you any good! 

After you allow some time for the nail to cool, go ahead and put your concentrates into the bowl and stir with your dab tool. While doing this, inhale at the mouthpiece, and try to stay gentle if you are a beginner. 

2. How To Get Cool Hits From your Bell Rig With Colored Marble/Accents

Cleanliness is the best course of action to maintain quality hits from your dab rig. Taste and smoke quality will begin to flounder if your rig has debris and buildup that go unattended. 

Make sure you let the nail cool. Concentrates can combust, and inhalation will be extremely uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. If nothing else, let it cool so that flavor and quality do not suffer. 

Use cool or cold water for smooth hits. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain Bell Rig With Colored Marble/Accents

Keeping this dab rig squeaky clean is a piece of cake. Simply use isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt, pour solution into your bong, and shake it up, making sure to cover air holes in the process. 

After disassembling, go ahead and use the same solution for any removed parts. 

Technical Specifications

Check out some of the product specifications of your Bell Rig. 


6.5 inch

Joint Type


Joint Size

14 mm

Joint Angle

90 Degree

Percolato Type

Three Hole Perc


Borosilicate Glass


Concentrate Quartz Pipe


onyx, jade, emerald, sapphire, frost, and amethyst



What’s included:

  • 1x 6.5" Stacked-Cake Dab Rig with Colored Accents
  • 1x 4mm Quartz Banger
Bell Rig with Colored Marble and Accents

Bell Rig with Colored Marble and Accents