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Boundless CF Vaporizer

VENDOR: Boundless

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Who Should Buy Boundless CF Vaporizer?

The CF vaporizer is made for users looking for a simple to use, affordable, powerful yet portable device that can operate at the same level as larger more expensive models on the market. This device caters to users who enjoy vaping both dry herbs and wax concentrates. Featuring a single button operation with 5 preset temperature settings, it is very simple to operate the device, perfect for beginners. The CF vaporizer is ideal for those passionate about high density, great tasting vapor and is a perfect vaporizer to use with a group of friends since the large heating chamber can fit over half a gram of dry herb! 

Why You’ll Love Boundless CF Vaporizer?

Vape connoisseurs will appreciate the large chamber size, quick heat-up time of 20 seconds, its hybrid heating system that evenly and efficiently vaporizes material, and the high-density vapor it produces to name a few. While beginners will enjoy the simple one-button operation, medium resistance, its 5 preset temperatures, and the ability to pack smaller loads without reducing vapor quality. You’ll love the high quality performance and durable design of this device at its affordable price point. 

 Boundless Cf Vaporizer

How To Use Boundless CF Vaporizer?

1. How To Operate Boundless CF Vaporizer

Don’t let your sessions get cut short, ensure that you have fully charged the vaporizer before getting started. It will take about 3-4 hours to charge your device the initial time and about 2 hours every time after that.

Once charged, start loading your chamber by twisting the mouthpiece 90 degrees counterclockwise and lift to expose the oven. For dry herbs, it is best to grind your material before loading it into the chamber. To load the oven with oil, fill the provided chamber with at least 5 drops of the oil and leave it for a few seconds to let it settle before inserting the chamber into the oven. As for wax concentrates, place the wax around the inside of the lid. Replace the lid and insert it into the oven. 

Turn the device on by pressing the power button five times quickly, the LED light will flash to indicate that the device has been turned on. It will then begin to heat up to the last temperature that you used. To navigate through the 5 temperature settings, press the power button 2 times quickly and the blue LED will turn solid once it has reached temperature. You can shut off the device the same way you turned it on, by pressing the power button 5 times quickly.

To begin taking draws from the CF vaporizer, you will need to rotate the top part of the mouthpiece counterclockwise until it is facing the opposite direction and begin to take slow and steady hits. 

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality

Upon getting the vaporizer, it is always best to burn off the residue left behind from manufacturing. To do so, turn on the device and set it to the highest temperature setting and let it run while there is nothing in the oven. You can set the vaporizer aside and let it run until it auto shuts off after 10 minutes. It is now ready to use.

There are more ways to ensure you are getting the best vapor quality from your device. For starters, it is best to stick to the lower temperature settings, especially if you are new to vaping. While higher temperatures can produce higher density clouds, lower temperatures create more smooth and great tasting vapor. Grind your dry herb well and do not jam or overpack your material into the chamber. As with anything, this device works best when it is maintained properly and cleaned regularly. 

3. How To Clean/Maintain It

Start by taking the mouthpiece of the vaporizer apart, it will contain 3 different pieces that will need to be cleaned. These pieces will include the mouthpiece, mouthpiece stem, and screen assembly. With the mouthpiece still attached to the device, rotate the stem outwards and lift upwards to separate the 2 halves of this mouthpiece. You can then remove the bottom half of the mouthpiece from the vaporizer by giving it a counterclockwise twist and unscrewing the metal assembly. 

All metal parts of the device can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for as long as necessary, while plastic pieces should be soaked in alcohol for no longer than 10 minutes. Before soaking the mouthpiece stem, use a pipe cleaner to dislodge any debris. Be sure to give all pieces a good rinse and allow them to dry completely. 

The oven of the CF vaporizer can be cleaned with a quick brush followed by a good wipe down. Take the brush that came with the device and begin brushing out the oven. Moisten a cotton swab in alcohol to remove any residue on the sides and the bottom of the oven. It is recommended that you do this while holding the unit upside down so that no liquid enters the electronics of the device. 

Top 5 Boundless CF Vaporizer Features 

5 Temperature Settings

The CF vaporizer comes with 5 preset temperature settings, these temperature settings start at 355ºF and climb in 15-degree increments ending at 415ºF. You can navigate through these settings by quickly pressing the power button twice. The blue LED light will flash until it arrives at your desired temperature, it will then turn solid blue. 

Discreet and Portable Design

The CF vaporizer features an incredibly compact, discreet, and durable design ideal for portable use. The build of this vaporizer makes it easy to slip into a pocket or purse so that you can take it with you anywhere you go. 

Hybrid Convection/Conduction Heat

This vaporizer uses a hybrid heating system, meaning it uses a combination of both conduction and convection heating systems to vaporize material in the oven. What is great about hybrid heating systems is that they result in shorter heat-up times without the risk of burning your materials. This hybrid system also allows everything in the oven to be evenly and efficiently vaporized since heat is better distributed.

Isolated Airpath

The Boundless CF vaporizer also features an isolated airpath. This means that the airpath is separated from the other parts of the device so that your vapor doesn't flow across any of the electronic components inside the device. This allows for smooth, cool, and pure flavored vapor. 

Large Capacity Oven 

Another feature that takes this vaporizer to the next level is how large the oven for material is. There are very few vaporizers currently on the market at the same price point that have the chamber capacity the CF vaporizer has. Fit over a half gram of dry herbs in this massive chamber. 

Is the Boundless CF Vaporizer Worth It? 

The Boundless CF vaporizer easily competes with models that are much larger and more expensive. The hybrid heating system, chamber size, durable build, and variety of temperature settings sets this device apart from other vaporizers at this price point.

Compare with similar products

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If you’re interested in the Boundless CF vaporizer but are still looking for a little bit more in a vaporizer, then their CFX model may be a better choice for you. With the same ceramic heating element, hybrid heating system, isolated airpath, and quick heat-up time, the Boundless CFX offers you complete control over temperature, features a full digital color screen, gives you larger battery capacity, and can reach a higher temperature of 430ºF. The CFX is built larger than the CF vaporizer so it will not be as portable and discreet but if you are more concerned about longer sessions or sharing with friends, the CFX is the better option. 

G Pen Elite

The Boundless CF is pretty portable, but if you're looking for something super discreet while out on the go, but still want a high performing device, then the G Pen Elite is ideal for you. Providing the same ceramic chamber, hybrid heating system, high-quality vapor production, and quick heat up time as the CF vaporizer, the G Pen gives you full control over temperature, is built very small and discreet, and is even easier to use than the CF. If simple, portable and great tasting vapor are your top priorities in a vaporizer, then consider the G Pen Elite instead. 

What’s included:

1x Unit

1x Liquid/concentrate container 

1xUSB charging cable

1xStir tool

1xCleaning brush

1xUser manual

Technical Specifications:


Dry herb/wax concentrates

Chamber material


Temperature range


Charging time

2 hours

Battery length

30-45 minutes


3.5 in x 2.4

Heating system



3 Years

5 Most Important Questions About Boundless CF Vaporizer

1. Can you let CF Vaporizer charge overnight?

It is not recommended that you leave the vaporizer charging while you sleep. Continuing to charge your device after it is already fully charged can damage the battery.

2. How does the hybrid heating system work?

Hybrid heating systems in vaporizers work by heating the walls of the oven and the convection element will continue to pass hot air throughout your herb creating even vaporization.

3. How big is the Boundless CF oven?

This vaporizer has a massive oven capacity and depending on how fine you grind your herbs, can fit over half a gram.

4. Do you let your Boundless cf cool off before charging?

You do not need to wait for your Boundless CF to completely cool down before you charge it, but do not attempt to use the device while on the charger or you could damage the battery. 

5. How do you load your concentrate oil pods for Boundless CF?

Fill the provided chamber with at least 5 drops of the oil and leave it for a few seconds to let it settle before inserting the chamber into the oven.

Boundless CF Vaporizer

Boundless CF Vaporizer