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Boundless CFV Convection Vaporizer

VENDOR: Boundless

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Who Should Buy the Boundless CFV?

The Boundless CFV dry herb vaporizer is designed for portable users and those who value great-tasting vapor in mind. This vaporizer has a durable build with ridges for added grip and comfort. The CFV vaporizer features a full convection heating system with heat retention rings and variable temperature settings to give users full control over their session. 

Why You’ll Love Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV vaporizer is built for durability with medical and food-grade materials, is compact enough to sit comfortably in your hand, and has ridges for added grip. Thanks to its full convection heating system and heat retention rings, the CFV vaporizer provides smooth, great-tasting vapor every time. This dry herb vaporizer has a full digital display on its side that is bright yet discreet and is accompanied by two sturdy buttons for full temperature control. What is great about this vaporizer is that you can hook it up to a water pipe with the provided adapter for smoother, more powerful draws.

How To Use Boundless CFV?

With all its features and the amount of control the CFV vaporizer offers, it may seem like this device is complicated to operate. This vaporizer is very easy to use and will allow you to get started vaping within seconds thanks to its quick heat-up time of just 30 seconds. 

How To Operate Boundless CFV

Grab your herb and make sure that you grind it properly so that it can be evenly cooked within the chamber. Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the chamber below then place in your ground-up herb. The Boundless CFV has a convection heating system that relies on airflow within the chamber to heat the herb, so it is wise not to pack too tightly. Place the mouthpiece back on before turning on the device. 

To turn on the Boundless CFV, press the power button quickly 5 times and the oven will then start heating up. Select your desired temperature by using the two buttons beside the OLED screen. The flower bowl icon on the screen will illuminate once the oven has heated up to your desired temperature. After 5 minutes the device will begin cooling down but will remain turned on until you press the power button 5 times again to turn it off. 

How To Get Best Vapor Quality

There are quite a few ways to always ensure the best vapor quality while using your Boundless CFV dry herb vaporizer. It all begins with making sure that your herb is very well ground so that it can cook evenly. The convection heating system of the CFV relies on airflow to cook the herb so also make sure that you pack it loosely enough to allow for proper airflow throughout the heating chamber. When choosing a temperature, it is always best to start with lower temperatures and work your way up to see what you prefer. Boundless recommends using your unit at around 400F -420F for the best vapor quality. Last but not least, keep your device properly maintained and keep the heating chamber clean for pure-tasting vapor. 

How To Clean/Maintain It

Start by disassembling the CFV vape so that you can properly clean the device. Simply remove the mouthpiece by twisting it off and make sure to replace the screens about every few weeks. Continue by brushing out the heating chamber with the provided brush tool and removing any excess dry herb left in the chamber. You can tap the bottom of the device to knock out any particles still stuck in there. Ideally, this step should be done after every session to keep your vapor pure-tasting and to make deeper cleanings easier to handle. 

Depending on your use, you should be performing a deeper clean about twice a month. Do so by taking a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to swab around the inside and outer edges of the bowl. Now take a pipe cleaner and use it to dislodge anything that is still stuck inside of the mouthpiece. Repeat this process with the pipe cleaner dipped in isopropyl alcohol. You can then wipe down the body of the CFV vaporizer with a paper towel lightly dipped in isopropyl alcohol, paying special attention to the buttons.

Top 5 Boundless CFV Features 

1. Design

The Boundless CFV vaporizer has a design like no other. There is one side with a smooth satin-like finish while the other side has ridges for extra grip and comfort in your hand. This vaporizer is built for durability with food and medical-grade materials that can handle a couple of drops. The CFV has a simple and easy-to-use three-button operation, full digital display, and convenient swivel mouthpiece. 

2. Convection Heating System

The CFV vaporizer features a full convection heating system which means that it relies on hot air flowing through the chamber to cook the herbs instead of coming in direct contact with the heat source. The result is smooth, free-flowing, and great-tasting vapor.

3. Digital Display

This vaporizer has a full digital display that is bright enough to easily read yet still discreet for use on the go. The screen displays both the desired temperature that the device is heating to and the current battery life. It also displays a flower bowl icon that illuminates when the oven has reached the desired temperature. This OLED screen is accompanied by two buttons that allow the user to choose an exact temperature. 

4. Heat Retention Rings

The Boundless CFV comes with heat retention rings that add flavor and allow for efficient heating and further customization of your vaping experience. There are 3 African rosewood rings and 1 that is made of quartz. The Quartz heat retention ring will help produce a thicker vapor while the wood will produce smooth, tasty vapor since it doesn’t absorb as much heat. 

5. Battery

The CFV vaporizer is packed with a dual 18350 battery with 2500mAh capacity. This unit can be charged with the provided USB cord and will take about 2.5 hours to reach a complete charge. The battery of the Boundless CFV will last you about 1 hour or 5-6 sessions on a full charge and will go into standby mode after 20 seconds of inactivity and after 4 minutes the device will turn off to preserve the battery. 

Is the Boundless CFV worth It? 

The Boundless CFV is a great performing device that can easily compete with larger more expensive models currently on the market. This device is packed with quality features like convection heating, heat retention rings, a swivel mouthpiece, and a full digital display that sets it apart from other vaporizers. 

Compare with similar products

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The Boundless CFV vaporizer is pretty discreet and easy to use but if those are your top priorities, then the HoneyStick HRB vaporizer may be a better choice for you. The HoneyStick HRB has a much smaller, compact, and discreet design that can easily fit within the palm of your hand. The HRB also features a more simple operation with just one button and 3 preset temperature settings.

Grindhouse Shift

If a more affordable price point is important for you, then check out the Grindhouse Shift. This vaporizer features a similar design to the CFV as it still offers variable temperature control and a fully digital display. The Grindhouse Shift is a bit more discreet, has a quicker charge, and has a lower price point than the Boundless CFV. 

What’s included:

  • Boundless CFV Vaporizer 
  • 5 Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Screens
  • 5 Stainless Steel Chamber Screens
  • Packing Tool and Dabber
  • Water Pipe Adapter
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Brush
  • User Manual

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber Material


Temperature range


Charging time

2.5 Hours

Battery length

1 Hour


120mm x 70mm x 30mm

Heating system



3 Years

5 Most Important Questions About Boundless CFV Vaporizer

Q1: Can I use the Boundless CFV while it charges?

The Boundless CFV supports pass-through charging so that you can use the device while it is charging. 

Q2: Can I use the Boundless CFV with a water pipe?

Boundless includes a water pipe adapter with the CFV so that it can be connected to a water pipe for more powerful draws. 

Q3: Will CFV shut off automatically? 

The CFV vaporizer will enter into standby mode after 20 seconds of inactivity and will automatically shut off after 4 minutes to preserve battery life.

Q4: How often should I clean the CFV?

Depending on your use, the CFV vaporizer should be cleaned about every 2 weeks. The heating chamber should be brushed out after every use.

Q5:What colors are the Boundless CFV available in?

The Boundless CFV vaporizer is available in black and red.

Boundless CFV Convection Vaporizer

Boundless CFV Convection Vaporizer