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Stone Spoon Pipe

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Stone Spoon Pipe

The Stone Spoon Pipe by Canada Puffin is a traditional-style pipe of pure excellence. As the market fills with electronic consumption methods, prepare for a breath of fresh air. We’re fed a lot of information that suggests that new, innovative methods provide a better smoking experience. We beg to differ, and the Stone Spoon Pipe is what gives us reason to think so. 

Why You’ll Love the Stone Spoon Pipe 

There are so many reasons you’ll love the Stone Spoon Pipe. Epitomizing the greatness of a traditional pipe, it’ll put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s handcrafted expertly using extra-strong borosilicate glass and Canadian Maple wood. The natural aspect of this wood means each Stone Spoon Pipe will have an individual wood design based on the pieces used for that model. 

The borosilicate glass helps to keep the smoke produced from your dry herbs cool prior to inhalation. This provides a stellar smoking experience to rival any pipe on the market. 

Top 5 Stone Spoon Pipe Features 

Here are some of the things which make the Stone Spoon Pipe so much more than your average classic-style pipe. Canada Puffin takes pride in its products. Using only the finest materials, they provide us with boutique collector’s items. 

  • Handcrafted using Canadian Maple Wood
  • Strong borosilicate glass
  • Easy to clean model
  • Luxurious aesthetics
  • Made in Canada

How To Use the Stone Spoon Pipe

Your life has just been made as easy as you could have wished for. Here are some of our hacks to getting the most out of your dry herbs and your new Stone Spoon Pipe. 

How To Operate the Stone Spoon Pipe

The operation of the Stone Spoon Pipe is as straightforward as its design. And that is by no means a discredit to its expert craft. All you’ll need to do to prepare for your session is make sure your dry herbs are evenly ground before loading the bowl. Once this is complete, the only thing left to do is light the bowl and enjoy. 

How To Clean/Maintain the Stone Spoon Pipe

With all pipes the process of cleaning and maintenance is important. Pipes like the Stone Spoon by Canada Puffin require this even more so. Its transparent color will make it liable to staining, especially around the bowl where residue builds. Simply use either warm water or isopropyl alcohol to clean the pipe. You can of course use both. Before you next use it, just make sure it has been rinsed and dried properly. 

Technical Specifications

Product Size

4.15" x 2.85" x 2"

Carrying Case



Borosilicate Glass / Canadian Maple Wood

Glass Thickness





Canada Puffin

What’s included:

  • 1 x Canada Puffin Stone Spoon Pipe
  • 1 x Carrying Case with satin interior
Stone Spoon Pipe

Stone Spoon Pipe

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