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Ceramic Bong Grim Reaper
Ceramic Bong Grim Reaper

Ceramic Bong Grim Reaper
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  • Product Description

    Ceramic Bong Grim Reaper

    This ceramic bong has been handcrafted in the form of the dreaded Grim Reaper. No need to fear this Reaper though, as his scythe has been mischievously exchanged for a bowl and downtube! The ceramic itself is very tough and durable and provides a great smoke.

    Distinctive Macabre Shape

    This bong is perfect for anyone who wants some nostalgia days for their teenage goth days. This piece is shaped like the ancient personification of death; The Grim Reaper

    It has a chimney-style mouthpiece at the very peak of the cowl and there is a carb-hole located in the back.

    Ceramic Construction

    This piece is made out of 100% ceramic. This ensures a smooth, clean smoking experience every time.

    A Versatile Piece

    The downpipe, bowl and grommets are all standardised parts which can be easily and cheaply replaced from our Spare Parts section. This bong will last you a long time.

  • Technical Specifications
    brand Unbranded
    height 241mm
    joint Female
    length 91mm
    material Ceramic
    width 91mm