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Chameleon Glass - Brothers Spoon Pipe  + For sale
Chameleon Glass - Brothers Spoon Pipe

Chameleon Glass - Brothers Spoon Pipe
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Chameleon Glass
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    Chameleon Glass - Brothers Spoon Pipe

    Inspired by one of the greatest series of games of all time.

    Brother Mario (in red) started the phenomenon of avoiding barrels in 1983. He super jumped his way into the heart of a sweet princess whilst defeating an overactive Ape. After successfully saving the world, Mario hopes to focus more on his family plumbing business in the following years. Their goal is to fix all the pipes under the streets of NYC.

    Any Mario Bros. fan won't forget Luigi! This green suited character was originally created as a color variant to his older, shorter and more rotund brother. Brother L eventually grew into a full time character for future releases in the series.