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Chameleon Glass - Rick & Morty

    Rick & Morty Pipe- "Come Watch TV" | Chameleon Glass Spoon Pipe

    $19.99 $22.99

    "Rick & Morty Pipe- "Come Watch TV""!

    The Come watch TV Label Glass Pipe is one of the many ruminations and philosophical meanderings we hear on the show. This one is from Morty as he decides that the life we are shown is maybe not so much of the life we live, and if so, isn’t it just as well that we should sit down and just watch some TV? So, if you don’t have anything going on, I’ve got some herb, Come watch TV. (pick up some munchies on your way over).

    Chameleon Glass is one of the most well known and respected American Glass companies. They are most popular for their hand pipes, bubblers, and accessories dating back as far as 1991. Located in Arizona, all pieces are 100% American made. Chameleon Glass is always creating new and innovative designs to bring fresh new products to the market.

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