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Chameleon Glass - Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe + For sale
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    Chameleon Glass - Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe


    Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe | Chameleon Glass

    Chameleon Glass pays homage to Harry Potter with the Deathly Hallows Glow in the Dark black Spoon Pipe.


    • For tobacco and flowers
    • Handmade in the USA
    • Glow in the dark design

    What’s in the box?

    1 x Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe by Chameleon Glass

    Chameleon Glass Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe | Secretly Puff Unseen

    At first glance, Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe bears the craftsmanship of a Chameleon Glass traditional spoon pipe but there’s more than meets the eye. The design highlights the Deathly Hallows symbol, literally as the symbol glows in the dark.

    Which spoon pipe do you think will you want to get when smoking at night? Of course, this glow in the dark glass spoon pipe, of course. That’s bloody wicked! Huffle puff puff into those nights with this American made spoon pipe by Chameleon Glass.

    Product Variants

    The Deathly Hallows Glow in the Dark Glass Pipe by Chameleon Glass is a handcrafted spoon pipe with a one-of-a-kind design, perfect as a collector’s item.

    Technical Details


    4-5 inches



    Best for

    Flowers, tobacco



    The Deathly Hallows Spoon Pipe is a traditional 4 to 5-inch spoon pipe in black with a glow in the dark Harry Potter Deathly Hallows symbol.

    Pros and Cons

    • Easy to find in the dark
    • Inconspicuous in the daytime
    • Hard to be discreet at night


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