Chameleon Glass - MeeSeeks Spoon Pipe + For sale

Chameleon Glass - MeeSeeks Spoon Pipe

Chameleon Glass
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Mr. Meeseeks!

Mr. Meeseeks Glass Pipe says, ‘Look at Meeeee’, his  glass pipe says, ‘Puff on Meeeee’. If you’re looking at this, you’ll know that while Rick warned us about it, we opened a MeeSeeks box to help us get you to look right here and buy this pipe. You know what happens if he is unable to help…

Chameleon Glass is one of the most well known and respected American Glass companies. They are most popular for their hand pipes, bubblers, and accessories dating back as far as 1991. Located in Arizona, all pieces are 100% American made. Chameleon Glass is always creating new and innovative designs to bring fresh new products to the market.

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