Chameleon Glass - Tripping Rick Spoon Pipe + For sale

Chameleon Glass - Tripping Rick Spoon Pipe

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Rick & Morty - Tripping Rick Spoon Pipe

Featuring Rick from Rick & Morty show on a glass spoon pipe, and yes it looks like he’s tripping.


  • For flower/tobacco
  • Chameleon Glass collectibles
  • Glass spoon pipe

What’s in the box?

1 x Chameleon Glass Rick and Morty Tripping Rick Spoon Pipe

Rick & Morty Spoon Pipe by Chameleon Glass | Rick is Tripping!

Chameleon Glass’s latest tribute to the Rick and Morty show makes one think what did Rick get his hands on? Surely you want to know so you can get your hands on it too! Rick’s tripping over the Chameleon Glass Rick and Morty Spoon pipes, of course.

Chameleon Glass is a popular brand designing handmade American hand pipes for tobacco and dry herb connoisseurs. Get your hands on this classic spoon pipe and get tripping!

Product Variants

Chameleon Glass has a selection of Rick and Morty spoon pipes for the show’s fans. The Tripping Rick spoon pipe is a popular choice!

Technical Details


Around 4 to 5 inches

Best for

Dry herb, flowers, tobacco



Chameleon Glass Tripping Rick is a blue-colored spoon pipe made of glass. It is a hand-crafted American product with baked-on graphics of a crazy-looking Rick and CHAMELEON sticker.

Pros and Cons

  • Funny Tripping Rick design

  • Durable glass

  • Only one color option

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